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Jul 20, 2016
There are reasons for not wearing leather; however, that plastic substitute is ridiculous. So, I'm pretty excited about a good alternative. I present to you cactus leather. Anyone who has experience with this very hardy plant, knows it just might work. I'll be on the lookout and will let know if I find some.

The company’s called Adriano Di Marti and they’ve formulated a new technique to create a fabric using cactus leaves called Desserto. Cactus, known for its rugged nature is quite hard and thick and pointy, however, when fully processed, it not only feels like actual leather, but since it is made from cactus -- a plant that can grow in the desert with minimum moisture -- it doesn’t consume as much water.
Moreover, they’ve adopted natural dyes for processing the leather that doesn’t really impact the environment while making the material long for as long as a decade. The fabric is available in a series of colours to suit your style. And since it is made from a plant, it is partially biodegradable.
What’s the best, however, is that even though it’s organic and eco-friendly, the cactus-leather is nearly the same price as the real leather. The creators have been able to fabricate car seats, bags, shoes and even apparels using the material. https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/science-and-future/two-guys-create-leather-from-cactus-will-save-1-billion-animals-killed-for-fashion-507055.html?fbclid=IwAR2RljJHqjR3h3KBy3V0h4N1WutxJUJfGZMbgl2R7JDxhgri2aUbsa9y_w4
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
This sounds amazing. I hope there's more coming.

I've seen artwork made from cacti threads that is delicate lacework. Clearly, someone with much time and patience! My point is, that I can believe that if one puts the effort into a thorny plant like this, beauty and practicality can emerge. So glad someone's made that effort <3
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