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Lands Where to Meet
A New Wave Tree

I watched the Lands where to meet you
I found many
But one was the most relevant
In an old city : Rome or Lemuria
Rome sounded more likely the same
I met you many times
The Old Roman City of a parallel realm
Seeing dreams about a life
That is there
An Old City made of white stones
Brought from the ocean
That all houses and constructions were made of
Huge swimming pools everywhere
Made of the same material as the Ocean stones
This wasn’t a dream
But a walk in a memory
That still exists
Somewhere in a parallel realm...
Sacred Poem
Inspired by some of recent out of body experiences.

© 2019Henda Zaghouani. All rights reserved

The message of this Wave Tree inspired by récent Out of body experiences I had, came through a poem today. I guess there is another one related to these worlds I have been crossing during the last nights.
I am currently writing a collection of sacred poems and would be happy to share them here if possible or in another board. They are all accompanying my Wave Trees. They are both in English and French.
Hope you like this one


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