June 15-sept 20 Energy Update and Guidance Through The current Waves of Light ! (1 Viewer)

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I came to understand how we can be affected by the different waves of energy that have been crossing Gaia since 2012 and even before on 2006 when big changes began to take us as if we were navigating tempests, floods, huge waters of light and healing from all our past and present traumas. The pain wants to stay because it is the old matrix that is trying to tear us down to keep us in the old realms we came to incarnate in.

Our experiences as souls are now bringing us back to who we really are and what we have to do here in this new earth which is the new journey we are all living with such amazing ups and downs !

Meeting so many people who are part of our journey in all the globe, as if frontiers and boundaries have no more effects on us, just because we are more and more connected at a soul level with an infinite love flowing through us, we are becoming the beckons of the new earth and this is more than we could even imagine !
Standing like lighthouses in a land of darkness surrounded by moving waters... we are navigating in consciousness in a conscious way.

Let’s ride this wave and bring this healing light to create our new realities. Co-creation is what we are called to.

We won’t be able to do things individually as we are gathering at a soul and energetic levels, to come in this physical journey and make it happen !

Life is an amazing process of awakening to our soul missions. We do each one what we are meant to do. In navigating the right waves, we can appreciate the pathway and learn from the experiences we are having now.

Open up your hearts and follow your souls’ call
Breathe with your hearts
Open this space as it is for sure the most powerful gateway to the light
This wave is going to bring huge changes in few times ! Are you ready for this shift ?
Blue Avians showing up yesterday while I was in the forest
I posted a video showing their huge sphere of light from an intergalactic portal
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