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"I am not the author of this book. I am only a vessel who received the information that was sent to me through channeling. I trust this being who came to me as a volunteering to help us at a human and spiritual levels… I feel there is so much to see and know beyond these speaks. This book is all about Light Beings who came on earth to face their own shadows and bring a new light to this world and beyond. Those are projectors who travel dimensions and do very dangerous missions ! Some people may see them in their dreams or passing by their homes… They are first not very aware of their abilities and spiritual gifts but then, they have to face dramatic situations that awakens them up to fully navigate dimensions and help at a global level"
Introductory quote to my book

This is an extract from the book I am currently writing and which is a collection of many conversations with Julian my Contactee from Sirius. Here is an interesting question I was intuitively guided to ask : The Light Beings, or Light Souls as I am one of these beings, incarnating in a human vessel and finding it harder and harder to deal with the materialistic way of living, including the food... So here Julian gives us amazing information about the Crystalline light body, the Crystalline Grid I have been drawing for a while since the end of 2017.
I will keep you updated with these conversations. My aim isn’t to sell this book at high prices, but to bring the information to those who feel like they need it to evolve as beings of light.

Who are The Light Beings ?

They are star seeds who retuned back to their star home (or planets) to become what they’re meant to be and what they have been at the beginning of their lives on Sirius A&B and in some very far planets where all is made of light and frequencies. So they are not all of them from Sirius, many of them travel from other star systems to other planets to bring back some light codes in those areas of the universe.
Some of the planets they most travel to, are chaotic places with entrapped souls. Their mission is to help those souls by carrying them to their initial homes and by healing them.

- During some of my astral travels I have been in Sirius B, Orion and Mars to free trapped souls who have been enslaved in caves underground the planets. Many of those souls were incarnating as humans.
During my travels which all happened in approximately the same period of time, I was not alone but with other light beings from my home planet and even from beings who are currently incarnating on physical on earth and whom I know at a soul level.

The Light Beings are made of crystalline energy for most of them, and those who are incarnating on physical, both on earth and in some other planets, are now receiving massive downloads of this energy, as they are called back to work as light beings again.
-How can they be both physical and light beings?

They travel with their energetic bodies even though they are incarnating on physical. They have the ability to switch off the physical vessel for the purpose of switching on their crystalline bodies. Many are able to see their crystalline bodies as you do. Remember the bubble of crystalline energy that you always see and feel around you.

Do they need to have a specific diet to maintain a high frequency ?

As they are in a physical vessel, they need to eat, but less. Do you remember how this happened to you ?

  • Yes I do. And it is becoming harder and harder to feel hungry !
  • It’s because you are energized by the light. The more you work with your light body, and the more you enhance it and empower it. You become less and less attached to the physical body needs. All or most of your experiences are now taking place at an energetic level through the deep connection you have with your light crystalline body.

  • What is a Crystalline Body ? What is it made of ?

  • Crystalline body is made of tiny particles of light coming from very specific places in the multiverse.
  • First place is the Crystalline Grid; you know how it is made as you have been drawing it for a while. It is a sacred geometry shaped construction with light codes, energy fluids and frequencies of light where information is infinitely circulating and making an immense map… The Crystalline Grid has been created by its own energy and with the collaborative work of benevolent beings from New Atlantis, Orion, The Crystalline Planet, Sirius A & B, Vega, Lyra, and some other beings from outside earth’s solar system. In Sirius the crystalline energy comes from a place you have already visited sometimes « The Crystal Cliff ». It is a highly vibrational place located in Sirius B with many portals and tunnels to let the energy flow from there to the Crystalline Grid.
  • Over the cliff one can appreciate the view of the crystalline sea and crystalline sea shores, you also have been in. The sea is made of a very transparent crystalline water with crystals and rocks made of a specific material to keep the place safe and clean. The color of the Crystalline Cliff is clear blue and transparent too in some areas and the shores down the cliff.

First Crystalline Grid Map, I was guided to draw late on 2017

  • This place I took you to, last night (June 19-20, 2019), is where you have helped two souls who are star seeds. As we allowed you to gate keep this place, you can now deliver this information so that humans would integrate more and more their light bodies and crystalline energy. Sirius crystalline light codes are very fluid and are felt as an acute frequency in the right ear for those who receive them. They enhance the human crystalline body and help star seeds to connect more and more to their star homes and families. But it is up to them to be conscious of this process. The energy is doing the initial work from Sirius, that’s why many are connecting to cetaceans and felines on earth now.

Second Crystalline Grid Map (2018-2019) with New Light Codes

New Crystalline Earth splitting off of the old one ( Drawing from 2017)

  • Second place is New Atlantis Shores
There you navigate with a sophisticated ship; remember it can fly like a spaceship, navigate like a boat, and be driven like a car. ( -I remember this machine !) New Atlantis seas are deep blue, heavy with gelatinous waters that bring different light codes. They have the most and heaviest particles of crystalline light codes in all earth solar system.....
New Atlantis is now working with the crystalline light codes to upgrade all humans and earth beings at a DNA level.... This upgrade is taking place now since 2012, and it is being noticed by many who are awakening to their life mission on earth. We want humanity to be free and to evolve to a higher frequency and a cleaner life style including nutrition, animal care, environmental new habits and ethics.

Sirius as a multidimensional space (Artwork from June 20, 2018)

New Atlantis: The Water Land or Blue Land with all the crystalline Light Codes flowing to upgrade us at a DNA level

-Can you explain how the crystalline light is transported to the Crystalline Grid from New Atlantis ?

In New Atlantis, all is carried through huge computers. Just like those in Sirius which are used for the human cells retreat and healing. They are made of holographic big transparent screens one can activate by only spelling a code. All codes are secret, no-one can have access to each others codes. Every gate keeper holds the codes inside himself. You know how this works as you do it when you travel. (Yes I do ! And do they have remote control like the one I sometimes use ?) Yes they do.Those are very evolved gate keepers who have their remote control inside their light body located exactly at the hand light body, or sometimes on their third eye, it shines like a laser.

Let me explain how it is done !

First stage is to download the light codes from the seas and shores directly via holographic conductors, but they are made of very sophisticated technology, human don’t have access to it yet. It’s like when you are sitting near someone and the person receives your healing light, without you doing anything ! That’s the way the crystalline energy works ! You don’t have to use techniques. You only let it flow. It’s the exact way crystalline energy is downloaded from the shores and seas in New Atlantis. It flows holographically to the holographic computers and from there to where it has to be downloaded including you and many other light beings. Does this help you understand your daily crystalline energy downloads ?

Oh Yes it Does !! So this means we don’t have to do anything ? It all circulating in a very sophisticated and smart way ! How does this crystalline light evolve ?

It evolves while circulating in all dimensions, realms and in the light beings who are currently spreading it consciously or unconsciously. The more it reaches those planes and beings and the more it is powerfully transmitted and carried. Every light being holds it at a global level. It protects you, enhance your spiritual and energetic bodies, upgrade your DNA, uplifts you with new light codes all the time. You are less and less sick, you look very young, your skin shines with this crystalline energy. To keep it evolving and to keep receiving downloads everyone has to take care of his physical and energetic bodies. Both are very connected as you are in human vessels.

This new shift began on 2012, as you said. What happened and why humans didn’t know about it before ?

This is a good question ! I will talk about this more later in other chapters of this book. But for now I can say few things. Information has always to be delivered progressively as it should. Every information is related to a situation and also can explain it. When related to its situation the delivered information takes all its sense and natural logic. Do you understand what I mean ? (Yes of course I do !)

Thus crystalline energy was already there in the universe from the beginning of all that is, it has been used only by few beings who were aware of it : The Light Beings. Those Light Beings are very old souls who belong to many planets and stars. They have always been holding this energy, working with it in healing, travelling dimensions and planets, teaching it and passing it to other new Light Souls. They used it as a weapon and a shield. They still do.

As a weapon they use it to protect their planets from extraterrestrials who want to get the energy and us it against innocents or to invade other lands enslaving their people.

    • I remember seeing and living a similar experience during my QHHT with Tracy Moore in Blue Spring State Park (Orange City, Florida). That was an amazing experience ! I used the crystalline energy from the circular table in my home facing a great white pyramid, like the one in Gizeh. I had many codes to activate it in different planets and to open gates. I also used it as a weapon and a shield.

That’s one of the oldest places the crystalline energy used to be. It was very helpful and demanded by beings from outside the planet. You were doing a great job ! Do you understand why you were given this activation in this current life as human ?

  • I do now. I could’t know why and for what other purpose than healing. But actually it is useful for more than healing.

The information I will give you today is about how human souls have been trapped in some planets ruled by very dark beings whose great project was to enslave humanity by keeping all human beings in lower planes of consciousness. The souls are taken to pods where they are manipulated at a cellular level. What I mean is that those pods are made of dark matter channeled from old vortexes where old information is stored to be renewed and cleared in other vortexes. It is like a trap ! The souls when passing those vortexes think they are reaching some amazing places to heal, but they are trapped into old information in dark matter...

More to come ! I will update this article very soon

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