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James Woods uses his Twitter account to help people affected by California fires


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Love him or not, here is one person with enough vision and use of his head and heart doing something important. Many of us have had direct or secondary experience with natural disasters. There is so much chaos involved with rescues of people unable to get out on their own. We have many wonderful first responders who do a magnificent job of rescuing people. However, connecting friends and family with loved ones who've been displaced is near impossible.

James Woods has such a large Twitter following that he is able to disseminate info instantaneously. In my experiences, it often is one or a few people who figure out how to help in new ways. So, 3 cheers to him for his vision and perhaps listening to guiding voices.



Realized Sentience
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This reminds me of the guy who was posting all over social media to help inform people about the Big Island eruptions this summer.
He started with just updates on the eruptions and moved onto quite a list of things he did to reunite people, get them shelter and things they needed, connect neighbours who'd never known each other, all sorts of things. After a while, the official authorities started to pay increasing attention to him and everyone respected his work.
He made himself into a real 'helping hand' of his community. I can't now recall his name.

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