Is this primitive astral projecting? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2018
Sometimes when I'm between the sleeping and waking state, I have my eyes closed but I can see around me. However, while in real life the room could be completely dark, the what I "see" is somewhat lit up and gray, but there are subtle changes to the room, like it might be a bit more cleaned up, less clutter. This has happened several times in the past few months to me.

I can only see the room where my body is, I cannot see through walls (or that has not happened AFAIK.)

What is going on here?

Over the past year I also seem to be making some spiritual advances, such as knowing what my spirit (or higher self) is supposed to do here. Or rather, I've known for a few years but now I'm just accepting it more as a natural part of my life. I try to be humble and I really do not want to admit I have some special gift without lots of evidence, sometimes I do this to the point of denial (based on things that have happened in the past). But I'm getting better at things.
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Jul 19, 2016
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So the correct term for this is astral sight, which I understand is commonly used for experienced projecter's.

The first time I had this occur was when I was laying there after evening had set in, so it was dark inside as I had the curtains closed but still some light outside, and I had been repeating a mantra for about an hour previously. All of a sudden, with my eyes closed, I saw my astral body above me and it was like my eyes were open and the room had more light.

So this is an expected result of doing all the work when getting into astral projection to achieve a conscious out of body experience. But it can happen at anytime to anyone even if they are not in active pursuit of this.
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