Is mindcontrol the modern art to control someone? (1 Viewer)

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May 3, 2019
Hello everybody!

I have a new topic. Its called mind control.
When does somebody get taxed by mind control? I he has the will to exercise mind control and to practise it?
Or is somebody innocent about mind control? Was I interested in mind control? I DONT wanted to be part in that shit.
Manipulating is not my interest. I want to live positiv and with my good vibe mode and feelings to heal other people.
I almost felt, as i got used by mindcontrol and was re-placed by mind control processes. My rememberings is , that mind control dominated my personality a long time.
I DIDNT wanted that, it was against my will. I dont wanted to hurt other people, because that is not my natural truth.

In my opinion is that case, that i want to share my joy with other people, and not angry emotions. I dont want to share hate, or anger.
I want to get away from this negativity. I dont live to be part of any concepts, that demonstrate how to damage the people.
I just want to show per example, how we can live differently by showing our individual personality.

I often felt used by other intelligent processes, and so i dont really did not recognize, whats goin on.
In my mind it felt like bursting and burding, to dis-programm my character in a wrong direction where i DONT want to go.
In my opinion is the fact,, that the life is a present from god, and not to manipulate. I dont wanted to hurt anyone, if i did, I really want to say sorry.

If the decisions, that somebody told me , where made in my name, i would take them back, to re-unite the peace again.
I dont listen truly to my heart, whats goin on in this life. I got very sad, and not happy, because i thought something is wrong in my life. And i cant handle it right.
So i got angry, and frustrated, because i dont know whats goin on here.

So i am able to see some more right now. Can somebody explain, what was happning in the time where i wasnt myself?

Best greetings,


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Jul 20, 2016
When you feel ramped up by what someone is saying or tearful at a commercial for abandoned dogs, for example, then you know that someone else is manipulating your emotions and thoughts.

Another aspect is "group think". We see that a lot in the news reporting where information is slanted or downright false.

Basically, most everything in our lives is touched by advertising, social media, tv, movies. The people behind this are quite masterful and adept at their work. When you begin to realize what is happening, then it is easier to see it coming.

If we took a poll of the people on this site, we would find that most don't go to many movies or watch the news, for example. Without the constant input or programming from outside sources, people read, go outside, and so on.
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