Intuition or evidence for not getting vaccinated? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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I basically stopped taking part in Facebook groups quite a few years ago now, but I'm the member of a few other reasons, such as being a backup admin and I still have one for my out of body course. But I was curious about something, so posted in this group (just about 13k members) which is full of members who have chosen not to get vaccinated for COVID.

I created a poll asking the question if it was intuition that lead people to their decision, or simply the evidence. This group, from a quick look, is not spiritual based, yet a very high percentage so far, after a day, said intuition.


What about you folk here who have chosen not to get vaccinated — what do you think?
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Aug 15, 2016
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Like everything, hindsight is 20/20 - once you've had time to chew an idea over. So most certainly, the very first idea that also seems logical and sensible is to defer - defer - defer. Then, in the meantime, to gather evidence, which only has to satisfy you and no-one else. I have an adult child who isn't rushing to have the vaccine, but who likes to play the devil's advocate. So I don't wish to argue too strongly, or it may just push her into it. But she knows it's a definite "no" from my side. Her boyfriend's parents broached the subject with her. "Is your Mum an anti-vaxxer?" Well, no, because both my daughter and my dog have had recommended vaccinations throughout their lives. So I am just anti- this one. And my reasons are a whole lot of spiritual, as well as also having intelligent medical people also point that way.The spiritual side is not one I can discuss with my daughter too much, because I am leaving that door open without forcing. She may come through it one day. Over the years of being a Mum, I've noticed that little ears listen well, even if they are pretending otherwise.
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