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Jul 21, 2016
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This board is for sharing and discussing information about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

These technologies are emerging in our world and will likely support tectonic shifts in our day-to-day lives in ways that are currently hard to imagine. At their core these elements move control of what is created back towards those who create them and reduce the friction (and cost and middle men control aspects) associated with transactions that we engage in during the course of living our lives.

While these technologies have been brewing for around 8-10 years now, it is still very early days in their development and deployment. They are just starting to gain awareness among the mass population. It is very much a 'gold rush' time in their development cycle. Misunderstanding and outright fraud and scams are present. Land grabs are ongoing. The seeds of success for the solid, long-lasting ideas and supporting organizations are in place. But so are a plethora of poorly conceived flash-in-the-pan ideas that may briefly burn bright but will go nowhere. Understanding of what these technologies can offer often requires us to challenge our long-held beliefs about how things work in the world. It takes some effort on our part to get our minds around the different ways, better ways for ourselves, things can be done.

I believe there is a metaphysical aspect to these technologies coming into existence at this time. Humanity has collectively manifested them into reality. We no longer want the central control so prevalent across the world these days. We desire to be more sovereign in the conduct of our lives. To not be controlled by others. These technologies enable the shift back towards personal sovereignty while still interacting with the collective. A balance.

The forces of the old entrenched powers that stand to lose as these technologies come to the fore are not going to go quietly. They will fight tooth and nail to retain the power of control over wealth, control over the masses of humanity, that they currently enjoy. Governments will fight to get a piece of the pie to maintain their position in the hierarchy. Yet these new technologies will continue to take hold and grow as long as that is the collective will of the masses of humanity. But it will be contested.

It is an exciting time. It's gonna be bumpy and messy and wonderful. Full of pleasant, unforeseen surprises. And some big setbacks and disappointments. I believe this is a major shift for humanity and it will all happen much faster than these types of shifts have occurred previously. It is but part of the larger shift in consciousness we are witness to at this time.

My goal here is to have a place to share about these new technologies and how they may impact us. This is not meant to be a board for detailed technical discussions nor for trading advice around the various cryptocurrencies. There are already other places on the internet for those topics and posts here may give pointers to those places for those with interest to learn more details. Instead this board is for us discussing the context of these things in the broader scope of our lives.

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