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Nov 1, 2018
Interesting read on the earth prison, and how people are manipulated into agreeing to false contracts under threat, duress, or lies. There's some background I had to quote before the article gets to the point I wanted to make.

It starts out showing a graphic of the 7 major planes, each having a sub plane with the physical plane (3rd frequency) on the bottom. I do believe there are 2 other frequencies below our 3rd. I'll extract some interesting paragraphs.

One of the major tool of the Earth prison system has been to manipulate people to get their free will agreement on their own enslavement. This can be easily seen with mass media manipulations, however there is a deeper and more important layer to this, which is all the contracts that have been signed by the people over the many thousands of years in the Earth prison system.

It's important to understand that even when we are incarnated in a physical body, we still have plasma, etheric and astral bodies (and also all the planes above), connected to our physical body. There is always communication between the planes : something happening on the liquid plane can affect the solid plane, same with plasma, etheric, astral, etc.

The veil, the electro-magnetic fence surrounding planet Earth, exists on physical, plasma, etheric, astral and lower mental planes simultaneously. It has been blocking the vast majority of people from going in and out of the Earth. The Soul/Spirit itself is not trapped but its incarnations are.

The dotted line in the middle of the mental plane represents the end of the world based on 3 dimensions : depth height and length. All planes above that are pure fluid Love and Light where no disharmony, no darkness, no anomaly can ever exist, only pure Love and Light.

And people are not able to go out, they are strongly discouraged to do so, and if they do, they come back wounded. The whole structure and hierarchy of the city gets people to reincarnate, it is actually the only option offered to people. There is never any mention of moving to a different planet, or even staying on the astral plane. People who try to find a different option are rather shamed and considered »unspiritual« for »not surrendering to the divine plan«.

Again, Cobra has described this situation :

"It's also that guides of the Light forces are manipulated by the archons on the etheric plane, and they generally want to do good but they are brainwashed, same as spiritual teachers on the physical plane, it is quite similar."
So we see above that it's essential not to be manipulated by shame or any other mind-control technique so we can finally ascend to a new frequency.

In these astral cities, people are told that in order to resolve their personal issues and progress spiritually they have to reincarnate and make a specific reincarnation plan to re-act these issues. This plan is a contract, stating that they accept to forget everything during the rebirth process, and that they accept to suffer during the next life. This is based on false karma teachings, which I have explained in a previous article :

"A lot of programming has been created by archons to justify evil. For example the laws of karma, which state that for example, if i broke my friend's bowl, then the universe will send somebody to break my bowl in order to teach me the consequences of my actions. This means that the universe will then send somebody to break the bowl of whoever broke my bowl, etc. This is totally made up and has nothing to do with true universal law, simply because if it did, nothing would ever resolve and suffering would just escalade forever. The true universal law is forgiveness and grace and this is what has been taught by the teachers who had a true connection. The will of Source is that if somebody does something hurtful, they should receive adequate healing in order for them to embody their true self again. Some re-balancing of the energy between the people involved might be needed, for example whoever broke the bowl can buy another bowl for its owner, or repair it, or do some other kind of service to compensate energetically. Or the owner of the bowl could simply forgive and the infinite abundance of Source would re-balance things automatically somehow, not by taking anything away from whoever broke the bowl, but by providing both of them with whatever is needed. Resources and abundance are unlimited."
And above we see the Archons manipulating souls into reincarnating to continue the evil, the negative energy which is sometimes bottled and sold and used as sustenance for the bad guys. Anyone who uses guilt to manipulate might be a bad actor, or simply very brainwashed. Be careful.

Some of the bad actors from frequencies lower than 3rd are called "shadow people" or "harpies". They sometimes appear as a shadow on the wall trying to make the person fearful, and they will then feed on that fear (negative energy). Sometimes this shadow will sit on a person's chest and make it hard to breathe for them, but the harpy will not kill the person, they want to continue to feed on the fear. As long as you emit fear (negative energy) they will continue to return and come back to feed on that.

To get rid of them, let go of all fear, and call on the white light of love and ask for help for a spiritual attack. You don't actually need help because you are more powerful than you think. To solve this yourself, be faithful and confident, fill yourself with love, and send that love to the shadow. Positive love and negative beings to not mix well. They should leave within seconds.

There are many other contracts that people in prison Earth have signed. First in late Atlantis, many humans (not star seeds) were tricked and promised wealth and power by the dark forces in exchange for implantation and signing contracts with them. Then when the conflicts on the planet were so strong that the Light forces retreated, the dark established prison Earth with a border around the planet, stopping everybody from going in and out. Everybody inside the veil was forced to sign contracts with the dark, that they accept to suffer, that they accept the dark forces conditions, that they will not receive help from Light forces, etc.
And here we learn about the fake contracts we were fooled into signing to come back to earth, to reincarnate into a life of pain and suffering. These contracts can be made null and void. I don't have specific wording via channelling but the wording could be simple as "Recognizing that my former life contracts were based on a lie, are therefore fraudulent, and thus invalid, I relieve myself of all contracts agreed to under duress, lies, deception or fraud."


p.s. Further down the article, you might also have heard of this:
Then in our modern life, a lot of contracts and agreements were made with the cabal. The main one is the birth certificate, which is actually a property title owned by the government, stating they have copyright on the birth name, and therefore they own everything registered under this name. This is why everywhere in the world it is not possible to aquire your birth certificate, people can only get copies of extracts of it.

The point of all of these contracts is energetic, having people's signature gives energy to fuel the dark forces to manifest what they want.
The solution to remove these contracts is also energetic. We are sovereign beings of Light, incarnations of Source. Source's will is the most powerful force in creation, and it wants us free. We are not bound by whatever insane contracts that are disconnected from Source. By stating our free will to revoke these contracts we can free ourselves from them. It does not get us out of prison Earth instantly because free will is not fully respected here, but it does increase the flow of Light in our energy field and helps protect us to a good degree.
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