Inside Peak - 4 Star Bunkers - Planet X Discussion with Founder of Vivos Survival Shelters (1 Viewer)

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Lorna Wilson

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Aug 4, 2016
A fascinating sneek peak at what some of the underground bunkers look like. Then hear what the builder of them has to say.

- Robert Vicino - Founder of = Heavily Fortified Survival Shelters aka Underground Bunkers that feel like a Four Star Resort.
Video Interview starts at 18 minutes and 18 seconds.
We discuss a variety of possible doomsday scenarios.

-Nuclear War
-Nibiru aka Planet X Chaos
-Pole Shift
-Bank Holiday
-Martial Law
-Economic Collapse
-Viral Pandemic
-Civil War
-False Flag

We then discuss Roberts thoughts on Planet X, Prophecy & Politics.

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