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Jul 25, 2016
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Quiet, please… Gosh but it’s noisy. All the individual expressions emanating from so many source points are really getting into it lately. A chaos overlay takes on all the appearances of reality. Don’t be fooled. Beneath the noise, beyond the chaos is sweet peace. You know where. Zero point calls.

So are the voices from points unseen calling. Men of Light roam close by now. More felt than heard, they are making an impression upon the minds ready to receive. Rigidity loses coherence amid the cacaphony of reality’s disassembly, and unvarying truth finds its way in. Its target is the trigger point of awareness. Its method is love. There is no viable offense but surrender. The way there is found by sidestepping the mines, navigating ever inward toward the point of stillness. There.

In changing the face of reality, piercing flesh with weaponry has nothing on the directed energy of love’s arrow divinely placed within the heart. As solid ground disintegrates and the incoming energies refuse to relent (despite our attempts to understand and measure them), maybe inward is where we can gain a foothold in an emergent reality. It seems there is less to hold onto in the outer world that has as much meaningful substance as what lay there. Unless, of course, that is in holding on to each other. And that is where is found the treasury of love.

There’s no greater power than zero point. It puts everything in front of itself. Destruction destroys itself. Love magnifies itself. Choose, for the oscillations of time are near a breaking point.

Regarding incoming messages from the Men of Light, there’s another, “Doubt Never Waits for Love.” You’ll find it on Nine’s Path, in the Image Gallery, and on YouTube. When you share it, add a little thought that it finds a perch in the mind of one who needs it most. See it discharging its essence wherever it goes.

Stumbled across something interesting the other day. If you are into soul reclamation and shadow work, take a look at the bottom of the Unbreaking page for a link to Deprogram Wiki. Massive amounts of information to go through on a topic that may well become more needed in the mainstream soon.

Love you all

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