In the Year 2047 | Meditation In The Military — A Short Story by Dr. David Leffler (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2016
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In the Year 2047 | Meditation In The Military — A Short Story by Dr. David Leffler
Written by Dr. David Leffler, guest contributor for

General of the Army (GA) Camilla Torres was packing her office. As a five-star general, her staff would do this for her, but she insisted on doing it herself, just as she always had from the time she was a young lieutenant. She found that packing her own mementoes promoted purification and growth. It caused her to reflect not only on her previous assignments but on her entire career. Such introspection always brought a realization of what had been accomplished as well as what she could have done better. She learned much from these reflections and appreciated how she had grown.

GA Torres was leaving her plush corner office at the United Nations (UN), and the position she had created under great scrutiny from...
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"This initial and crucial phase of Torres’s plan used the unified field to create immediate social coherence in North Korea and de-escalated the rising tensions just as one drop of cool water can lower the temperature of water to just below its boiling point."

I like this insight.

Intuitively, I feel the story has been written by someone whose feet are still firmly planted in the War and Peace duality cycle, although the use of meditation (TM and Yogic Flyers) to de-stress rising tensions is innovative and imaginative. The reasons that this is a transition piece and not something that has moved completely into the realms of living peace are that accolades and trappings of competition (diplomas, service awards etc) will drop away in a peace frequency - people will no longer need to have their egos stroked by such baubles. Secondly, the old-school military grades such as "Major General" and "General" will be seen as old paradigm and not needed in a world where each individual is valued for their contribution. Working through a long career to become top of a pyramid structure will no longer be contemplated, it will be more organic and people will participate in circles (Round Table!!!) Thirdly, groupings of communities into nations will no longer be appropriate. Instead of nations with borders to protect, the groupings will be arranged according to intuitive and recognised placement within the unified field.

However, improved psychic perception such as precognition can be achieved through meditation - so he's on to something there. Let's hope world population as a whole will move quickly through transitional phases of thinking until "knowing" in the pit of your stomach becomes the deciding factor.

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