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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


The Sag full moon was something else ! In my world at least.

It was stronger than usual due to the coming total solar eclipse in two weeks time, also because it was on the Galactic centre which was like a download of new information for those of us who are receptive, with all the Mercury aspects.

The moon is now in the more stable Capricorn so we can settle back into a routine a bit more in the coming two days.

Capricorn will feel in their element again as this last moon has been a preparation time for them before the big event of their opposite sign eclipse the first week of July… The same for all of us as the period ahead is very much in the shadow of the eclipses in July.

We can expect more Global events whether movement of the tectonic plates or extreme weather and extreme Politics too, as is starting to happen in various countries.

There have been several EQs about 7 Mag in the last few days around the globe.

Today there is a strong aspect of Mercury conjunct Mars while opposing Pluto, which of course also means Mars will be opposing Pluto too (exact tomorrow).

This is pretty intense for the thinking processes to begin with, as it happens in Cancer, and I can imagine this one will bring some sibling type rivalry in some quarters plus jealousy or blame for some, with harsh words spoken due to pent up feelings.

On the other hand this is a great aspect for speaking out, being assertive and having strong boundaries if you are under attack verbally.

It’s a very good aspect for coming up with the right information after doing some research, if you are Virgo, Gemini, Cancerian, Aries or Scorpio as well as for Capricorns.

It’s the sort of aspect where we need to get our facts straight before we speak out, or there may be repercussions tomorrow when the strong aspect of Mars/Pluto happens, as that is a real head butting situation for some.

For others it will be like being between a rock and hard place, especially for Capricorns and Cancerian type people, Aries and Scorpios. It’s like the clash of the titans ..

So interesting confrontational sparks are flying these two days.

This all happens around 22 degrees Cancer and Capricorn so people born in the last decanate of both signs could feel this aspect the most, but today at least we have Venus in Gemini trine to Pallas in Libra, which is an aspect that helps us find a middle way in how we communicate, so everything and everyone is taken into consideration amongst the assertive speeches, to soothe any angst that is around.
(A really good, helpful aspect for Librans and Taureans, Geminis too)

This also helps to calm our deepest fears and phobias for those who are being confronted by them with todays strong aspects that carry through until tomorrow.

I will share the quote from the NZ Moon diary.

“Crises are nature’s way of forcing change” Susan L Taylor


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Jul 28, 2016
I definitely had some intense dreams the past couple nights.
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