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What do you believe that orbs represent?

  • Disembodied spirit

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  • Conscious light

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  • Digital artefact

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Dec 4, 2018
I'd like to start a discussion about all things relating to orbs. I have had my own personal experiences with orbs (only in photos) but I haven't arrived at a definitive conclusion as to what they truly are. My experience with photographing orbs has always been in dimly lit locations where the camera flash was required. So I can't rule out the possibility that the flash may be causing an artefact to appear in the photo. I suppose the same could be said about taking photos in daylight where the sun may be causing a reflection on the lens. Many of the locations that I've photographed were believed to be haunted so I'm open to the idea that orbs are disembodied spirits.

Do you believe that orbs are conscious beings? Are there different types of orbs? Disembodied human spirit, extradimensional being, etc. How can you discern between a real orb and an artefact in a digital photo? Why do orbs seem to be more common in haunted places? There is definitely the possibility that it's a human who died at that location, but at the expense of being labeled a skeptic, it could also be the result of using a flash in a dark location.

If anyone has photographs of orbs please post them in this thread. I am especially interested to see any photographs that depict a face within the orb.

Toller - I read your post about photographing the garden in Dorset and capturing orbs in the photos. Could you post those photos here?

To start off this thread, here's a photo I took at the Wabasha Street Caves in St Paul. I added red outlines around the 4 orbs in the photo and enlarged the orb on the ceiling. No other modifications were made. Note the orb at the bottom left is behind the chair leg. The orb on the ceiling seems to contain a face wearing either sunglasses or futuristic goggles. I find it difficult to believe that those are merely digital artefacts. What do you think?


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Jul 20, 2016
I've had direct vision of orbs. About a year ago, quite a few lights were twinkling in the woods. I could sense them, and they, me. We knew each other was there. Then one evening I walked outside and saw a green light (swirls of greens and pale white). It was pretty big - sort of like a bath mat floating along the ground. I knew it became aware of me because it quickly formed into an orb, rising up into the trees and bouncing around until it faded and vanished. Not long after, all the lights moved on - passing through or maybe dropping in - who knows.

My body is like an antennae, and I know when others are around, but I never have a camera around when these things happen.
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Spot on, Linda. I think we are frequency antennas (and some antennas can be broken or in need of repair). Energy is energy. Probably takes the most convenient shape when visiting this parallel universe - the sphere.

I have a book on my bookshelf called "Orbs and Beyond" by Katie Hall and John Pickering. In the preface, it says: "For the benefit of any readers who may be approaching this subject for the first time, the term "orbs" has become synonymous with the anomalous circular images which appear on photographs." But the question is, are these only seen on digital formats, or are they perceived as paranormal visual phenomena (such as Linda saw).

The authors' website is

The visual paranormal phenomena they deal with in their first book "Beyond Photography" are such things as Orbs, Luminosities, Light Rods, Light-Forms and Light Beings, but they say these terms are descriptive only - not definitive.

On pp-78-79 of Orbs and Beyond, here is a list of consistent and common aspects in a summary:-

  1. Orbs appeared consistently throughout all the visual forms we were photographing.

  2. Once we had photographed one unusual visual form, it repeated numerous times afterwards.

  3. Synchronicity was consistently associated to the forms we were photographing.

  4. The same forms had been photographed by others independently of us.

  5. The unique aspect of our own case was that we were photographing a whole range of evolving visual phenomena that displayed some purpose; i.e. the indications were this was not happening randomly, it was happening due to some internal logical constant.

  6. Throughout all its stages the phenomenon showed indications of conscious intent.

  7. The phenomenon definitely appeared to be interactive.
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Feb 21, 2018
If anyone has photographs of orbs please post them in this thread. I am especially interested to see any photographs that depict a face within the orb.

Toller - I read your post about photographing the garden in Dorset and capturing orbs in the photos. Could you post those photos here?
Garden Portal Enhanced.jpg

Garden Orb Track Enhanced.jpg

The orb track is dated 29/08/2004 and the portal is dated 25/10/2004, the view is pretty much the same in both. They have been roughly enhanced, if you want the original pictures you will have to say.

Here's one of a singleton orb that seems to follow me around, this is dated 23/11/2004

Orb in Lounge.jpg

The singleton popped up on it's own in a few pictures, even in my current house.


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Nov 1, 2018
IMO orbs can be a disembodied spirit, an extradimensional being or conscious light. To me those are all the same. But orbs can also be light reflecting off dust. So the best way to ID an orb is to see it on video and see if it moves in random directions, and does not appear to be blown by any air currents. Air currents in a room, especially with multiple people moving even a little, can be very complex. Dust motes can move in sudden random directions when they encounter a different air current. But (intelligent) orbs usually do a smooth movement, moving in smooth curves even if the curves are a bit tight.


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Jul 19, 2016
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When we are out of body, (i.e. projecting out to have an out of body experience), the natural state of existence is in the form of an orb, which gives us a 360 degree angle of sight/perception. This can be achieved, and therefore proven, when out of body, it's just most of us feel more secure looking like we were in a human body so tend to hold that form unconsciously unless we shape shift and change into other forms, including out natural state. Of course, the location can be important in terms of what form we become established as, as each plane/realm/space has it's own rules/laws/physics.

In other words, an orb can be any form of consciousness, whether a human still in the physical body having an out of body experience or who has died —so a loved one that is visiting for example—a nature spirit, a guide, an angelic being, etc.

I would include an option in the poll for any form of consciousness.

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