In Case You Notice Anything Unusual: Nine's Path Luminous Dimensions (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
a message from the League of Light

Our aim, as a random source of experience forces you to take notice of your world’s situation, is to bring you to the Nine-ordered understanding that you are in a kind of chaotic delegation of power within a bigger reality, where the chaos will make perfect sense.

If you can trust that there is some underlying merit to what may otherwise seem quite random and senseless, you may come to the understanding which will lead you to a more joyful resolution than you can find by continuing to rely on your limited and incomplete knowledge.

Circumstances and events may seem to contradict the old illumined paths of wisdom; however, you will soon see a pattern emerge. When you do, you will have more of the picture than you had, and thus be more partial to learning more.

The pattern revealing itself is one which lay in obscurity, hidden and kept from the open. Yet, this is also only part of a larger pattern, which is the one that includes your perfection as a race of sentient, divine human beings. To know only part, to count only what has been obscured as the important secret, would be to miss the glory of the pattern and the meaning therein.

You are coming close to full understanding. There are many who have come to your world to make it easier to see the full pattern. Among them are each of you. What you carry within yourself will reveal the part of the pattern that you are able to make clear.

War cannot separate you from your chosen soul path. Neither can Nemesis. Continue on the path you have found yourself upon rather suddenly, or as a result of choices you made or outside forces beyond your control. Dare to say what you have to say, to see what you have to see. As you do, the pattern will bring you to the outer limit of manifest reality and the secret that gives you understanding.

We remain with you, friend and kin, drawing ever nearer.



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Jul 19, 2016
Thank you. I love this piece of writing.
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