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Implants - Can they be removed/healed through energy healing?


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I had done implant removal a couple of times ... such as in guided healings and that sort of thing. I didn’t know if I had any but I treated it seriously and asked with all my intent for removal of all fractals, implants, or devices a few times.
So I was a litttle disconcerted in waking up one night in the middle of the night from deep sleep and feeling a strong sensation on my lower left rear skull of something square shaped being removed ... I said in my mind “what is it” my higher self/team said clearly “implant” all I could do was thank them and feel a mixture of concern and relief.

Not sure if this account of my experience is of any help, or just concerning! But my perspective has been if we keep connected to our team of light both incarnate and higher dimensional and keep living balanced, always seeking to raise our frequency and also intend out loud on removal of any such devices-it will happen❤️
Best advice. Your team is always ready to work, and they are also always willing to help you learn.

Regarding your free will, yep, if you're ready to be rid of this, your free will can lead you to that freedom. It will probably also take you through a few detours to show you some things you weren't ready to recognize about yourself/your experience before you made the decision to be free. Steps. Prayer helps too, any connection with the divine. Strive toward that and you'll probably fry the little bugs.

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