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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Whenever we have talked about how the creation of reality works, both the individual and the one we all share globally, which is formed by the sum of the individual realities or "holographic bubbles" that each person emits, we have explained that everything depends of the content of the mental programming of each human being and of the content of our mental body.

In some way, this tells us that everything that all I "possess" internally at the level of data, knowledge, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, etc., is what then gives rise to the world in which I live, and the sum that all we have "inside" is what gives rise to the "common" world we all share. As we have already mentioned many times, this "common" world is far from being an "idyllic" world, not because it has been designed like that, but because it has been "forced" and programmed for humanity to manifest it "like that," by the races that created us as a species, and that have managed life on the planet ever since.

However, it is also true that if all that I have in my mental structure is what goes out to the "outside" and then "ends up" manifesting as the world in which I exist, why don't things that I imagine or what I think about, why then are not reflected in what we consider to be the real world? Let's see the difference at the level of programs and archetypes that occurs when we imagine or think about something and how "that" can become a "physical" element or end up dissipating without materializing.

Imagining vs projecting reality

Initially, there is no difference between the concept of imagining or projecting reality. The process of imagining consists of projecting an octave (a process, a wave, an energy with the content of what we are thinking) towards the zone of the mental plane reserved for each sphere of consciousness that exists on Earth, be it a human being or of any other type of being, since we all have a zone assigned for the "collection" and creation of the scenarios of our reality.

In the case of human beings, this "zone" is in plane 3.1, the band or stratum that is "lowest" in frequency of the terrestrial mental plane, so what comes out of our mental spheres and our pineal gland, thus as what we project through our sphere of consciousness goes first in wave form towards the mental plane 3.1, to the zone reserved individually for each living being.

That is where the frames and scenarios are then formed with the content of the projected wave, what you have thought or imagined, what you had in your head and what you were aware of or what you have emitted subconsciously or unconsciously, since all mental spheres work tirelessly so that the details of our reality are perfectly aligned and in tune with the structures of the planet we are on, regardless of whether the personality is aware of it or not. As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, when we get up in the morning the "world already exists and is built,” without us being aware that we are 24 hours a day emitting the waves, together with the rest of humanity, so that the world really "exists" (not counting the "waves" emitted by the planetary consciousness itself, and the million of beings that exist on Earth).

Thus, in this case and stage of the process, it is the same to imagine as to project, since it involves the same archetypes of "creation of reality" present in all mental spheres at different levels of work.

How do the "waves" that my mind, my pineal and my consciousness emit from where I am towards that zone reserved for me on the mental plane?


It is obvious that your pineal gland, in its mental counterpart, as the main projection mechanism, is in the same spatial position where your physical body is at each moment, so the projector of your reality moves through the structure of the mental plane of the Earth as long as the physical body moves through the physical structure of it. If you travel to France, your "reality broadcast" is made from the area of France in which your physical avatar is, but connected to the zone of the mental plane that is in that zone of the planet. As each pineal gland has a specific emission frequency, no matter where you are, all your emitted waves always go to the specific region of the mental plane reserved for you, the one where your "storage of projections and thoughts" zone is located. Also, this region is spherical and occupies the entire planet, that is, it is like a mental micro wrapping that wraps the Earth like a cellophane, there is one exclusive for each human being, so that, although the sphere of consciousness also "moves” with the body wherever it moves, the scope of action of each person is planetary, to be able to emit and create the reality of the person no matter where they are physically. If we could see this 3.1 level of the mental plane enveloping the Earth, we would see 7.5 billion "energy cellophane wrappers" covering the entire globe, and each of those wrappers is an "individual storehouse of thoughts and projections" assigned to each human being (then, there are the "warehouses" of all the beings that inhabit the Earth: hierarchies of logistical assistance, protectors of places, Asimoss, Amoss, Animiss, Alomiss, grays, Rashids, and a dozen other minor ones, etc.)

This mental region has a single frequency associated with the individual frequency of each person and each sphere of consciousness, so that only the waves of your pineal and your conscious ego are recorded and stored in it, although it may suffer interference from other frequencies due to other people's emissions (in other articles we have already explained how we interfere with each other by all broadcasting on very similar frequencies). On the other hand, this mental region (your "personal” storehouse of thoughts and projections) can rise in frequency if you raise the vibration of the person's mental body and their "mental" pineal, moving your "storehouse" to higher regions within the plane 3.1 (or higher) where there is less interference because there are fewer people emitting there and, therefore, fewer problems so that the "thoughts" that are collected there are more protected from the "thoughts" of others (it is the same effect that when you tune into two radio stations that broadcast at an almost identical frequency, what you hear is not one song or another, but noise, due to the interference of both waves, the final result being chaotic and distorted, nothing to do with the original projection that the station -the pineal- was really wanting to broadcast -the song without distortion).

As you can already imagine, the entire life of the person, with all its possible variants and possibilities, is mapped in that "mental storehouse of thoughts,” giving rise to the concept that we call " the sacred plot," and which is nothing else that the huge "comic" that contains the trillions of trillions of "frames" or "vignettes" where all the possibilities that that person may come to live, co-exist simultaneously.


Each instant of an event is a static image, a fixed space-time frame present in the mental zone of the planet from where the creation of reality begins.

An active mechanism from birth

As this mechanism starts up at the moment of birth, just when the soul takes possession of the body and the mental spheres start up, the process of “thinking” and emitting reality is in continuous bustle from the first second of life and, as we had commented in some other diagram, at approximately three minutes of life, we already have in our "mental warehouse" all possible situations and experiences up to the first 15 years, approximately, and a few months later, we have already projected all possible experiences and experiences of our entire life for beyond 100 years (which are then adjusted according to how the person's life evolves and when it is decided, by the soul and the Higher Self, that the exit from the incarnation occurs). All this, mentally, that is, in the form of ideas, scenarios, ramifications of any event, possibilities with all their variants, etc.

However, you have to quickly begin to materialize the reality of the person at a tangible level, so, again, from the second one of life, what the pineal emits mentally is already "going down" quickly towards the physical plane, so that that baby creates his "own reality". In this case, and during the first years of life, this process relies heavily on the reality and "holographic bubble" of the parents with which the baby's soul tunes in order to materialize the baby's physical environment as quickly as possible, since it has not yet developed to the necessary level all the processes of analysis, decoding and "rapid" manifestation of the "hologram" that will be the world in which it will exist. This makes the soul tune into the collective family unconscious, and give the “go-ahead” so that all the projection processes of the parents that are in that collective family unconscious are incorporated into the baby's reality bubble, freeing the mental spheres and the child's pineal gland from having to materialize, for example, a crib, the food needed, the clothes that keep warm, etc. All this, the baby's soul "approves" the manifestations of reality made by the parents, who are those who have "previously" thought that you have to have a crib (and have issued "it" so that they can buy it and receive it in his “world”), that the child must be endowed with this or that, that he must be provided with what he needs, and so on. In this way, the baby's mental spheres, his ego program and his sphere of consciousness can be dedicated to forming and acquiring the programs that he needs to develop, leaving part or almost all of the work of creating external reality to what the parents and close environment of the baby (siblings for example) emit and project for him.

Thus, although a part of the processes of creation of reality have been “externalized” towards parents and the family nucleus, that does not mean that we are not co-creating our world from an early age, simply, the soul is in charge of accepting the projections of the family collective unconscious so as not to have to dedicate mental resources to it during the beginning of our life, but, little by little, taking more control of it and, as it grows, it depends less on family reality and is more independent to create its own (and that is also when your own reality can begin to collide with that of your environment and you want to "differentiate yourself" and leave it to have your own "identity,” marked by your own "bubble of reality").

Therefore, the process is always the same. Of everything that has been projected to your individual "mental warehouse,” and since these mental scenarios simultaneously encompass the entire life experience of the person (their sacred web), they are "sent" and are "going down" down the lane of the timeline in which the person is, in the fractal that he occupies, those frames and scenarios that can be materialized on a physical level, creating the static frames superimposed on those that are already manifested previously as more and more mental forms and thoughts they are being added to that "warehouse".

Mental spheres with the different archetypes that classify, order, archive and recover the material of the mental body according to the subject they deal with
Content, information, data, memories of the mental body
Connection of mental spheres with the hypothalamus to make the material of the mental body reach the pineal in the form of "energy bubbles"
The pineal gland energetically receives the information and projects it, from its mental counterpart, in the form of holoquantic waves outwards, creating the reality of the person

Everything in its own time

That is, although I already have my entire life mapped and staged in my individual region of the mental plane from the first months of life, I cannot get events to materialize that are designed to "go down" within 10 years, for example, since I can't materialize a possible job or meet a certain person, that can be more or less mapped and co-created from minute 8 of my existence, when I have only three months if live. Therefore, the Higher Self, the super-soul and the soul begin to "lower" along the timeline and the lane in which each person is, only the "frames" that correspond to events and "things" that "fit" at that particular moment with the evolutionary state of the person.

This means that, in general, things cannot be accelerated, almost nothing, since they arrive when everything “squares” for them to arrive and, that if we want something to really end up manifesting, all the mental elements, etheric and physical have to be in "line" so that this mental event can "descend" through the timeline to the etheric level and then can manifest on the physical level. When something "does not fit" in any of those levels, there are delays in the manifestation of things, they do not arrive, or what arrives is distorted to what originally should have "arrived" according to the form it had when it "left" as energy from the mental plane.

Distortions are common for many reasons, both because we have already emitted the manipulated wave (remember the article about the filters, stops and distorters that we have), because the raw material that we use to form our thought forms is altered (mobile technology and radiation electromagnetic mechanisms were created for this, among other things) or by all kinds of blockages, implants and other elements created by the RIC and CS and imposed to minimize the co-creative potential of the human being, in addition to the slowdown mechanisms present between the channels that go from the mental to etheric and etheric to physical and of which we already spoke a lot also in his day, that simply "eternalize" that something that I have "thought" today, is in my life tomorrow and is tangible to my senses.

In any case, when everything has gone well, regardless of the time it has taken to lower the stage towards "solid" reality, the process is completed automatically and everyone lives and exists in the world that has been projected, interspersing its own "holographic bubble" with that of those with whom it shares its existence, and adding its projection of reality to that of other human beings to co-create the global world in which we exist.

So what is fantasy?

Now, what happens when I imagine and project thought forms that it is impossible for them to manifest on the physical plane?

When the processes emitted by the mind and the pineal are within the parameters that are valid for the manifestation of reality, that is, when they are achievable, then the octave begins its processes of descent and materialization, from the mental to the etheric and then towards the physical, so that everything that, in one way or another, may end up “falling” and “descending” towards the “material” plane, is controlled and governed by the imaginative programs and archetypes at the beginning, and projectors and creators in the following phases. But when that which cannot be materialized because it is outside the parameters of the human paradigm, the current rules, the limits or restrictions of the belief system of each one and the limits that the reality of that person has, as well as the limited reality imposed on humanity in general, then the projective wave becomes a process that cannot be transferred to the lower planes and remains in the hands of the archetypes and mental programs associated with fantasy, which is what is projected but cannot be consolidated as a real scenario, because there is no coupling or previous conditions in the physical and etheric plane for that scenario to fit with the laws, parameters, paradigm in force and the rest of the processes that govern the manifestation of reality.

This prevents that, if we imagine and project something that is "illogical" because it is outside the standard projection parameters that we all have inserted, its content becomes a projective wave that goes down to the etheric and then to the physical. This way, nothing that falls outside the standard programming that has been imposed on the human being at a “macro” level can be co-created, since it would break the molds and limits that we have in our programs and archetypes, in the ego program, in our databases, etc. In order for us to create something that goes against all of this, we need to completely deprogram the psyche of all the stops and filters and limitations present in us, and we would achieve things that other people might be surprised or consider amazing, but even then, we could not break the limits that humanity has as a whole. Although we are manifesting in the extreme of the implausible for many, we would still be within the "maximum" limits that our collective unconscious and our paradigms could withstand.

Let's float a little

Let's take an example, levitation. It is out of the reach of 99.9999% of human beings, because the programs associated with reversing the force of gravity to be able to rise by ourselves using the "ether" of the Earth in the opposite direction to the "ordinary" flow of it is not within the parameters allowed and programmed by the Asimoss for us. However, if a single person in 7.5 billion levitated and showed us that it is possible to do so, it would be a surprise, it would be a revelation, it would be a “wow!,” but it would not break anyone's sanity or dismantle the belief system at the macro level, because it is something that can be done, but it is at the extreme end of the processes “of what can be done” on our planet. If that were not allowed, the Asimoss ships would not be able to fly or use anti-gravity technology, nor could military “UFOs” created by technology delivered to the CS be able to do maneuvers like the ones aviation pilots always count on when they appear on the Discovery Channel programs. If the Asimoss or CS want to do something, they have to allow that “something” to be part of the rules of reality, but, so that human beings cannot do it (but only they and the “elite” who serve them), they have to block and program humanity to make it almost impossible, with, as I say, a handful of people in all of human history who could levitate due to extraordinary circumstances and the rest cannot. Another story would be to know how they have "broken" and deprogrammed (that handful of people) that ability to generate a hologram in their life that allows them that anti-gravity manifestation in their reality.

Therefore, and finally, the projection of reality and its imagination is identical in its processes, and they follow well-marked and structured guidelines, and only those processes that cannot be "lowered" to the etheric plane, and then physical, become fantasy, because they are outside the consensus parameters programmed to create human reality. These fantasy mental forms are kept in the "personal store" of mental forms until several automatic cleaning programs delete them regularly to try to reduce the amount of "invalid" mental forms present in that personal "repository,” making "Inventory" of what can be useful to the person to use to create new frames to add to the sacred plot, or what should be discarded because it will not be able to be part of the reality of that same person at any other time in his life.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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