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If You’ve Met Aliens While on DMT, These Scientists Would Like to Hear From You

Lorna Wilson

Ancient Consciousness
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Now, this looks interesting:

Some people on DMT say they meet aliens, demons, and even elves. It’s a common enough experience that Johns Hopkins wants to know more.

The prestigious medical university at Johns Hopkins wants to know if you’ve ever taken so much dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that you’ve broken through reality and met the benevolent machine elves that live in the center of the universe. Researcher Roland R. Griffiths is the neuroscientist in charge of the study and he’s been on the forefront of scientific research into psychedelic experiences for decades.

Participating in the study is anonymous and as easy as following this link and filling out a survey. Specifically, the researchers are interested in, “The experiences of people who have had encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities after taking DMT. This anonymous internet survey involves asking about your experiences, including the short-term and long-term effects.”

Full article: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/bjpjxm/dmt-aliens-study-johns-hopkins

Glenda Ann

Shimmering Soul
Survey all done! That was a great thing (I think) to share my own experience by going through the survey- the questions were well compiled. Hopefully the results will concur with my own impression that overall, if used correctly DMT can be a great tool of awakening. Without it I may have been a church going Christian still :D no offense please to any church goers at all, but personally my consciousness was rapidly expanded by my dmt experience and it did set me firmly on my journey that I’m so glad I’m on and most of all it reinforced the amazing connection to Gaia we all have, but it offered that connection as a palpable experience. As the survey asks-how positive was the experience in shaping your sense of self, attitude etc?... my answers to all “strongly positive!”

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