Iboga Healing and the Collective Unconscious (1 Viewer)

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Lorna Wilson

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Aug 4, 2016
This article details a person experience using Iboga, then followed through with 'Holistic Psychotherapy'. Brian Murphy the author of this article has a unique website, After The Medicine where he helps people:
  • Integrate the plant medicine experience, absorb the lesson that were given, and figure out your next steps.
  • Recover from fearful, confusing or disappointing experiences.
  • Work out emotional issues the medicine may have addressed or opened up.
  • And if you took the medicine for an addiction, get help reaching the goals you set yourself.
It seems to me that this is an area that QHHT can also be used successfully, especially since the subconscious is the collective consciousness. What do other QH practitioners think?

Holistic Psychotherapy is a term people have started using for different amalgams of therapy that take into account the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and not just our talking apparatus. The kind of Holistic Psychotherapy I do uses several methods from inner-directed therapies like Internal Family Systems Therapy, shamanic techniques, meditation, and some techniques given by the plant medicines themselves. It works well with psychedelics because it goes to the same place they do, and it talks in the same figurative language.

It’s not like a psychedelic experience is easy to forget. You can blast into ineffable bliss, drop into the pit of Hell, have long talks with the lizard people, or just deeply recall that yes, all you really do need is love. And then you return to the vibrational backwater we call Consensus Reality. The memory fades, and those secrets of the universe that were so important are now at risk of being filed in your brain as just one more episode of “that crazy night on ayahuasca.” Does that the genie have to go that far back into the bottle?

And it is not just the spiritual information that sometimes falls foul of the return trip. The emotional healing of plant medicines and psychedelics can also wilt under the sensory barrage of regular life that Shakespeare called “the wreckful siege of battering days.” In a culture where you can still go to jail just for taking spiritual medicine it’s no surprise if the subsequent healing process gets lost, and your inner system reverts back to its pre-psychedelic setting.

Read more: http://realitysandwich.com/320498/iboga-healing-and-the-collective-unconscious/
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