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I stepped in some Crap


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Our approach is everything. Being positive doesn’t’ mean we’re oblivious to the negative. The patterns formed by what we think, say, and perhaps do, mold us. This image is hilarious to some, and laughter is important in our lives, but to others they may take offense.

Whatever resonates, resonates, but things can be said in a multitude of ways.

Another way of expressing the situation could be, “What’s important is my opinion of myself, after all, my highest aspect is source, therefore I am also the person who threw their opinion at me—I should have compassion for them, not anger.”

I run into a lot of humor express through comics, jokes and so on, and I think that there are more creative ways to say something without being offensive, or negative.

What do you think?

Sam Vause

Aware Presence
Hear, hear.
* Being positive doesn’t’ mean we’re oblivious to the negative.
* I should have compassion for them, not anger.

IMHO, both are critical points.

Thank you for sharing! And love LOVE the meme!

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