I Quit! — We Need To Master Walking In Shades Of Grey (1 Viewer)

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Just Arrived
Oct 18, 2016
transients.info submitted a new article.

I Quit! — We Need To Master Walking In Shades Of Grey
By guest contributor Sanna Tarnstrom via Grace Consciousness

Last night I had enough... But it wasn't the feeling like the other hundreds of times... Where I naked in the moon light , stripped of all my energy and spark, on my knees, crying my heart out in the middle of the night.... Asking my universe, WHYYY?!

Where no answered, help and embraces came... Where I felt like the most lonely of people in this whole wide existence! Those many times of being in the eye of the storm, but still don't see and understand. Please, here my call! Anyone out there hearing me?! At the bottom and never see a warm embrace and smile in sight. Down in the pit of darkness, where the shades can't come off. It...
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Elder Entity
Jul 28, 2016
Jesus, I know exactly how she feels I've been there recently. I came to the same conclusions and developed a strong case of the fuckitts. Joe is gonna look after Joe.....Very freeing and invigorating. TY

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