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A Healing Video From The Forest

This video is an illustration of how I personally communicate with Trees telepathically and using Universal Energy. They hear me and talk in me. Today I received this message during my telepathic communication with this tree and those around this place ! I hope you enjoy the healing vibes ! While watching you can read the channel below and see what happens


If you want to receive healing distantly from the forest with me, private message me.

"I Am Receiving & Raising Positive Energy ❤
I allow myself to heal
I allow myself to receive
I am open to unconditional love
I feel gratitude for this journey
I feel gratitude for this healing

I receive
I am happy to heal myself
I am healing from within my body and soul
Opening to whatever this healing process is leading me to
I embrace the unknown
As I feel safe walking this new path
Receiving the healing that is made of divine light
I trust that it is for me
I accept it
I am grateful to be here
I allow myself to come inside my bodies : physical and energetic
I allow myself to dive into the current wave and see the light
Where everything seems unknown
Where all is to discover while walking this new path
I choose for myself
I am happy to be here
I Receive
I let go of expectations
I let go of attachements
I receive
I am here
I receive
I allow my higher self to talk in me
I listen and stop all chatters of my mind
I am in the stillness of my journey
Into the unknown...
I flow with the frequencies of light
Coming through me from so far
From deep space
Where all is made of energy, light and information
I am here in a parallel dimension to the one I was
I allow timelines to shift in me
I embrace the unknown..."
Henda Zaghouani Mystic Healer & Astral Explorer all rights reserved worldwide 2020.


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