I am looking for seasoned OBErs for recreating Monroe type explorations (1 Viewer)

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Hi Everyone..

I am a regular lurker and only periodic poster to these boards, so - my apologies - I am not familiar with everyone who is here.

It is most probable most here do not know me either, so let me first say I myself am a well traveled explorer, a conscious OBEr. I make ( and I teach how to make ) conscious shifts out of body. I like to think of myself as an advanced student. Someone serious about the practice and practical application of the practice. I learn and explore deeper as a way of life.

My own process here is kicking up again. I have immense amounts of energy for focusing into the spiritual side of life. You will likely see me around here more as I am coming away from the social platforms ( really just facebook ) and back onto the boards. I want and require a more serious space to dive in again, even deeper this time - and more serious sadhakas, students, practitioners to engage with.

Engaging with like-minded others of us is a very real, necessary and fundamental component of the process. The awakening and creative process. Most recently I have begun practicing with someone getting into the out of body state ( which is also the channeling state ) and from here reporting what is happening as I shift. Much like the Monroe explorers did in their day.

I want to practice this more, and together with more of us. So I am here now to put out the call.

If you would be interested in joining such an endeavor, please read this : blurb from my board.

And let me know your level of interest, experience with OBE and possible availability.

We would meet and practice via Zoom.

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Aug 12, 2016
I always appreciate people doing group activities for dreams or AP/OBE or similar.

We had some really cool Remote Viewing sessions here organised by Laron up until a little over a year ago that were quite successful in my view (well, for me since I had some 'hits'). They ended then however due to lack of participation it seems. See RV subforum here for the threads labelled Group RV activity.

There was also an attempt by Lumaza/Lionheart/Shuman (you might know him from the other forums Astralpulse or EIC) here on this board also now about 1,5 years ago but it failed due to, well, mostly lack of interest. No one participated except me (see Doorway thread) and then he left.

I wish you good luck with your endeavour anyway, as said, always appreciated. Maybe it will work this time. Will you make an updated thread about it here, too?


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Hi Sinera

Yes I will absolutely report and update here.

My ( galactic travel channel ) group already has a few people / participants for the project so it will definitely happen. I felt to reach out and open this up to a few others also to see if we could get a collection of perhaps 10 or so people - natural OBErs - who again can already somewhat easily shift into the desired state who would be not only able to 'report' from that state, but willing to share the material publicly. This latter part, both the reporting from the out of body state and the sharing publicly are the elements not many are necessarily interested in and/or ready for.

This said it will be a super fun project to be a part of.

Thank you for letting me know about Lumaza/Lionheart/Shuman ( yes I know him ), perhaps he will see my invitation on one of the many boards and want to participate. It would be really great to welcome in a handful of well traveled OBErs. And on the other hand a similar number of those more inclined toward the channeling. If there were at least a few who were naturally both that would be exceptional.

Thank you for all your good energy <3 I am really looking forward to the possibilities!


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Aug 29, 2017
Not that i really know how most functions it is a quite interesting subject. I see it as part of our learning process. But have i the needed calm at house the right time.


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Hi Tania, I am not sure I understand either..

I received the Introduction you sent I think via PM ( ? ), I'm sorry I am just getting home after a 14 hour work day and am a bit tired. Do you have out of body experience? Can you share the details? Are you able to make conscious shifts? For this particular project I am looking for those already experienced. To be honest, in the month since posting this on a few of the boards my enthusiasm has dwindled to near nothing. Interest from others is for the most part not aligned with my own and no-one seems to understand why we have to meet, why the Zoom ( or camera ) element is necessary. When we of course have to get into the same room somehow to do the work. For now it looks as though the idea will have to go onto the back burner.

I do appreciate you writing. I am sure there must be groups here on the Roundtable boards who meet and practice. My own group meets as you see above via weekly Zoom calls. You are more than welcome to join any of the calls anytime. Everyone is. I have a thread about this somewhere on RT, it was relocated and I've lost track of where it is.You can always find them here if you like.

I'm going to get some rest, I will be decidedly clearer in the morning.



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Jul 30, 2016
Hey Casey. Im sure it Will align when It's supposed to and it could so Quickly shift when you find someone that is more experienced and you will get an Energy boost.
I Think you were clear and Im sure That's why We are responding so if nothing Else many more of us could become the next round of Experienced. Take Care


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Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with a quick link.

Although we have decided for now to keep the Project to just ourselves, myself the "Explorer" and currently James who is performing the role of "Monitor". We've had six recorded sessions so far and I have collected them in a written article on my site that explains a bit of the process and then shows you ( through the videos ) what the process looks like. It is not easy to speak from these states but I am getting used to it. Acclimating to the process all around.

One day when I can focus more full time on the consciousness work I hope to open this up to more people. Maybe even teaching it to those interested at workshops. I do have a feeling for it expanding in the future.

Anyway, if you would like to see here is the link : Reporting from the Out of Body State : A Monroe Explorer ( Type ) Project

This is our last session. We met a new ET species :


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