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Human Aura Recordings

Lorna Wilson

Ancient Consciousness
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I think Dr William Tiller's explanation about health is the best science explanation of health related to bioenergy forces within the human body. Tiller says, "a condition of health exists when each chemical in the physical body has the etheric chemical counterpart in the etheric body at the appropriate concentrations."

Real Human "bioenergy fields" (human auras) recorded in laboratory. Frontier science research in human bioenergy fields supports the 7 chakras centers based on the abilities of recording various parameters of amplitude, coherence and frequency. Based on ancient Chinese Meridian medicine and current bioenergy research each Chakra center is hard wired via meridians that connect to specific endocrine glands that have different frequencies in color, emotion, sound and etheric properties. Optimum health states and weak or lessened health states, creativity, altered states of consciousness, lucid dreaming, love and compassion each have specific bioenergy field signatures that are part of the mind, body, spirit reference points of awareness in the person's experiential state.

Dr Harry Oldfield is another amazing teacher, Inventor, author, pioneer and investigator of technology and many areas of research

Demonstrating many different concepts including, Phantom Limb Energetic effect, The Life Force content comparison of Organic and Non-Organic food, The Energetic Disease that sets up for the physical manifestation later, Cancer Analysis, PIP Energy Balancing, Human Meridian Energy, the Human Chakras visualized, The pureness of a new born baby's energy field, Marcel Vogel Crystal Healing analysis, Crystal Life forms detection, The Monroe Institute Crystal visualization, Mobile Phone negative radiation effect on our energy field, The Effect of Drug Abuse, Energetic Parasite detection, Live Blood analysis, Paranormal Entity Detection (Ghosts and Spirits), Medium Spiritual Interactions, Healing Animals Energy, Orbs, Tower of London and Graveyard site analysis, Hauntings, Healers with their Guides, Love between family members visualized, Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull activation, Gettysburg Battlefield analysis, UFO Detection, Niagara Falls Energy Vortex, Stonehenge Energetics to name many things covered.

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I've always been interested in Kirlian Photography but had not thought about "family photos" showing the love between people.


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I've seen the Oldfield presentation already years ago. It is amazing to watch, really recommend it.

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