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Jul 31, 2016
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This is a nice little article for people new to reiki or just attuned to level 1 and would like to know how to tell if reiki energy is flowing. there is also a podcast on there I have not been able to listen to but its worth checking out. sometimes after being attuned and people dont feel the energy it can be frustrating for them. she has a few tips:

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to feel the Reiki flowing through your hands after becoming Reiki attuned? Do you wonder or worry that it isn’t working? Do you wonder or worry that you do not feel the Reiki flowing through your hands? Do you wonder if you are somehow not a good conductor for Reiki, or if you are doing something wrong?

Well, don’t worry! With consistent practice and time, you will begin to notice changes that signify for you that the Reiki is flowing!

Here are some considerations to remember while you practice:

1. Did you receive reiju (an attunement) during your Reiki learning? Although Reiki is inherently present in the world and we can access it at any time, often it is helpful to go through an attunement process, or receive reiju, during a class to open a space of awareness about the system of Reiki so we can understand how to work with it.

UPDATE (based on a reader question about the attunement process) Attunement works like this:

Reiki is the same Reiki – no matter how many levels you learn. I directly quote Arjava Sensei here as he writes about Hayashi Sensei discussing how receiving Reiki works in the body. The same analogy can be applied to when we receive attunement:

Hayashi Sensei “used a beautiful analogy, which his students called “The muddy stream”. He said that if you look at a stream, it looks clear and beautiful. But if you disturb the water (giving a Reiki treatment) the mud from the bottom comes up to the surface, making all the water appear dirty (healing- crisis, the toxins have entered the body’s liquids). If you then keep cleaning the water of the impurities that have come up (more Reiki), it becomes cleaner and cleaner until the whole stream is reborn… The client has come back to his natural equilibrium once more, as some of the muck sinks down to the bottom again.”

Ask your teacher for the history of her lineage. Ask her to share what her attunement experience was like. She should have a clearly outlined story to share about that experience. For many attunement processes there is a lovely ritual created around the process. If your master teacher cannot tell you who her master teacher was, and the lineage of teachers before her, or is vague about her attunement experience, or does not offer an attunement as part of your learning… count that as a red flag and find another Reiki master who can be specific with you.

2. Be patient with the experience. Reiki flows and fluctuates at many different levels of heat, from cold to burning hot. Sometimes you need to lay your hands on a body part for several minutes before you begin to notice temperature changes. Sometimes these changes are subtle, sometimes they grow gently like a wave of heat. It can take up to 20 minutes for the heat to peak to its warmest level under your hands. (This is what we call Byosen in Japanese Reiki systems.)

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