How to get through the political chaos | Gigi Young (video talk) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
Below find this very good speech as an answer to an online question. It was posted on another forum, but I thought I'd share it here. Some of it I also recently said on one of these 'political' or 'Q'-like threads round here, so it resonated for/with me.

In short: To get out of the MATRIX we have to NOT sustain it. Feeding and sustaining it we do with our attention and energy. We are the ones who keep it up and running by giving the old system our energy all the time. Even while we at the same time think we are bringing it down by playing the division game (but 'divide et impera' = divide and rule, that exactly is the elite's success recipe!) we don't. Instead we feed it. Even with our hope and good intentions. I know we all have this, but it still might be a very wrong thing to do.

Instead we should rely more on and/or build local small communities and not give a F or a S anymore about any 'leaders', 'saviours', 'gurus' or so-called 'truthtellers' with nothing to back their claims up instead of saying 'wait, wait, wait (til...)' and 'trust the plan' (Qanon etc.) and my 'inside sources told me' yada yada yada.

And so we are told to keep waiting for more deadlines and dates and prophecies to come true. Thing beyond our reach and influence in the first place. I see it happening over and over again. We are told ... "Wait til ... then wait til ... then ... wait again" after nothing happened (again). And again ... and again. And again. And ... (well, you get my point ;) ).

So how often and how long still to wait? You know what in medical terms a lingering/smoldering subacute infection is? This is it. It wears you down and slowly destroys your inner system and health, mentally and physically. So does every time we wait, and hope, and disappoint, and fear, and cringe, and rage, rant or even hate, and hope again, and so on.

I think therefore we should stop waiting for saviours and those telling us to trust any plan or enjoy the show and wait for arrests by any 'white hats' or 'good guys' and internal revolutions played for us like it was a TV show. It only leads to more suffering, one disillusion and disappointment after another.

It is not just a Matrix, it is like being trapped in a loop, a vicious circle.

Eternal impasse. Deadlock. Adjourned game. Again, and again. Over and over.

We don't even realise we are virtually imprisoned in this circle/cycle. Like a rat in a wheel we keep moving, but in no real direction.

What is happening here on a grand scale is actually energy theft and even vampirism / parasitism (as she also puts it in the video when talking about the 'dark families'), maybe in part even created by this very evil 'Force' we want to do away with. Maybe we should stop giving them energy at all and then slowly their 'might' will start to crumble?

David Icke also already has been saying this for years (just posted his vid about Qanon in another thread): The system is rotten to the core. It can't be restored or helped. It is lost! It is beyond hope of recovery, as much as you want it. We have no 'real' democracies or liberties anymore as long as we are being 'ruled' by these controlled 'government(s)', around the world. No matter if their supposed 'leader's' name is Biden, Trump, Obama, Macron, Johnson, Merkel, Putin or whichever puppet is on the helm.

We are on our own. The saviour is in the mirror. Take a look! :bag

To try change this rotten system from within will never work and only sustain it. Hence we need to MOVE AWAY from it as best and much as we can. Get off the grid and local when and whereever possible. No more following the very 'show' that is put on the 'inner and outer screens' for us to watch and make us more divided, aggressive, anxious, get disapointed and in the long term depressed all the time.

If we could recognise and DO that - and I know it's hard and I myself am not good at this I have to admit, so I'm not pointing fingers or give a lecture - this would be the REAL SHIFT / EVENT in my humble opinion. <:)

Don't follow 'the show' any longer. Stop watching this surreality TV. Refuse.
Don't be fooled again (and again, and again)! (to recite from Pucksterguy and his latest music vid).
Go back to nature. Go local. Invest your money and time wisely.
Care for your loved ones, friends, family, pets.
Pass time with them but also leave a lot for yourself (I'm an introvert so the latter is more for me).
Do some art or learn a new one. Do agriculture if you can. Get a dog, or a cat.
Start 'living' as best and true and close to your Higher Self as possible.
We don't achieve this by constantly fretting about the world events.
Do all the good things that bring you bliss, follow your passion.
Don't waste too much time with this shit-show any longer.

Let it go. Let go. Lego? Ego. (L)e(t)go! O.o:D

Okay, enough of my ranting. So please watch the video in full, I think she really makes some good points.


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