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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
Have you experienced life at a higher vibration? It’s peaceful. Meaningful. Full of love and joy.

One of the biggest challenges on the spiritual path arises when you’re evolving and moving into your gifts. Another is when you’re waiting for change, and nothing’s happening. You’re staying in the same place.

Sometimes, you need an extra boost, a special understanding, an insight, or a tip that opens your heart and heightens your intuition.

If you’re seeking soul evolution—experiencing greater happiness and creativity, enhancing your gifts, manifesting your desires, or simply creating a greater life—you can accelerate your abilities with the techniques shared by expert speakers who’ve mastered different aspects of spiritual expression. You’ll explore the meaning of “signs,” learn more about angels, tap into a wave of abundance, and more.

If you’d like help with inner growth, you’re invited to attend this year’s speaker series: The Power of Inner Connection. You can attend the entire COMPLIMENTARY two-week event—from October 1–14—online.

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