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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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We had left the previous article with the introduction about the Higher Self and from where the information we are publishing comes from, and now we are going to see four techniques to check it all.


This is the method that I have explained from the beginning and is the easiest for everyone, so it will be the first one to remind you how it works. Remember that we have said in the previous article and in many others that reality is a huge “quantum hologram,” pure energy in the form of waves that our senses and brain capture, and mind and consciousness decode in a certain way according to the programs, filters and belief system that each one possesses, so that no one can see life as others see it or understand things 100% in the same way, since no two people have received the same programs, beliefs, patterns and archetypes throughout their lives, and that they filter and decode in the same way the illusion of reality. Being all energy and a huge holoquantic projection, however solid and immutable it may seem (and we have already explained why it became “immutable” in question 158) it can be manipulated very easily, and that is what our guides usually do, Higher Selves, entities, members of the different races in control, etc., to manipulate the world in which we live. This mechanism, used in our favor, simply consists in requesting an object, "something," in our reality, if what we want to know is correct, and another different object if what we want to know is not. And for those who are more detailed, a third object if you want to ask if something is partially correct or not entirely correct but not false.

It works just like this: "I ask my Higher Self and my guides that if the XXXX concept is correct they will show me object “Y” in my reality in a clear and unambiguous way." The same for the concept of "not correct." Then, simply, throughout your day to day, pay attention to your world and you will see the signs. This is a basic "compass" and a simple mechanism to check things you want to know. Does it always work? Yes in general for the “average” human being, but, if you are monitored, harassed or under monitoring of the control system or of any of the entities that serve the RIC (Races In Control), we must add more verification measures because they can try to manipulate your reality in a negative sense while your guides or Higher Self manipulate it in a positive sense, and then you will see very confusing signals and synchronicities.


The next method we can use is the pendulum, universally known to all but perhaps not properly used by many. The pendulum is a mechanical, physical element that responds to a series of mental and energetic pulses that make it move and give us answers. It is used in a thousand techniques and therapies, and working with the pendulum is one of the most effective sources of communication with the subconscious. As such it does not work for us, since, as we have said, our subconscious has a lot of information about many things, but it does not have the same information that our Higher Self has, since the subconscious is one of the strata of the mind limited by programming that the Asimoss and the rest of RIC gave us, and therefore, it has many stops, filters and programs that prevent the subconscious from accessing data not allowed by the paradigm, which is the set of rules and parameters installed in the substrate of each mental sphere that dictates that we are allowed to know or not to know, and the only way to "break" these limits is by deprogramming the mind and / or working from the level of the Higher Self where there is no restriction of knowledge.

So, to use a pendulum and to be our Higher Self the one who responds, you have to execute a series of programming. This is because our Higher Self cannot even violate the free will that the avatar’s personality has to believe what he wants to believe or is programmed to believe, so only when we initiate the work protocol towards the Higher Self and give it suitable permission, then, the Higher Self, through what we call the golden cord, which is a thread of energy with enormous capacities and that joins the Higher Self with the avatar passing through the center of the sphere of consciousness, we can receive through the pendulum direct information from the Higher Self instead of being our subconscious the one who answers us. Since for most of the questions that most therapies ask the subconscious is more than enough, it is not necessary the programming that I am going to indicate, but, to check topics such as those discussed in the blog and to ask the Higher Self directly then you need to do right away what I tell you.

Doing his programming only once is sufficient, because it does not depend on the pendulum you use, but it is an “agreement” with your Higher Self to “answer” your questions in a certain way. If you ever forget the pendulum, a stone tied to a rope serves the same, a pendant or even the car keys if you have a somewhat elongated key ring, because the energy that moves the rope that moves the stone in one way or another comes from the Higher Self and the element that transmutes it can be anything if necessary if you don’t have your usual pendulum. You can do the test and you will see that it works.

“I request from my Higher Self and I give him permission to take control of the communication process of my mind and energy system through the pendulum, so that I always receive the answers aligned with my greater good and aligned with the energy of truth. I request that the restrictions and blockages present in the communication channel known as the golden cord be eliminated, as well as the limits, restrictions and barriers that may exist in the mental strata necessary for the reception of the communication through the pendulum. I request that the answers I receive with this method come exclusively from my Higher Self doing everything possible to block and avoid distortions, manipulations and alterations. Thank you."​

This request contains the energy and intention to reinforce the communication channel that exists from your Higher Self to the different levels of your psyche so that information can flow more easily.

Then take the pendulum by its handle and ask your Higher Self: "Please, indicate YES".

The pendulum will move in one direction or another. It can be in a straight line, following the clockwise direction, counterclockwise, etc. Write down the answer, because this movement will be your “YES” from now on. When you are clear, say thank you, it is a good habit after each answer to indicate that we have understood the information and can move on to the next question.

Then ask your Higher Self: "Please, indicate NO." Write down the type of movement made by the pendulum, because this will be your NO from now on and say thank you.

Finally, ask your Higher Self: "Please indicate me without deciding." In many cases, the pendulum will not move at all in this type of response, or will make another movement different from the previous two. The answer of “without deciding” appears when we want to indicate, for example, that “it is not the time” to try something, that it is not the moment, that your question is confusing or not well specified, that there is no clear answer of YES or NO, etc. From here we have the pendulum ready to be used.

At what time the pendulum may not work? If you have some type of entity anchored and manipulating the nervous system of the arm for example, or emitting pulses against your golden cord, so that the wave that the Higher Self emits can be distorted and result in confusing responses that do not make sense. However, for most people in most cases, pendulum and signals in your reality will give you tons of correct information.

“Automatic” writing

The third way to check the information of the blog or anything you want to check is by "automatic" writing, although it is not as automatic as the name suggests. Like the pendulum, the Higher Self communicates with the avatar, at the soul level and at the personality level, emitting “waves” with content and information that the soul and mind then decode and interpret to make sense of what they are receiving from those other levels of the human being. This wave can be a certain pulse to move the pendulum and give us a "YES" or a "NO" or it can be a whole paragraph with the explanation of the mysteries of the universe. The pendulum cannot draw an entire paragraph, but the hand can. Therefore, it is the same mechanism but more generic and works as follows.

A sheet is taken, a question is asked to the Higher Self, and one begins to write without stopping, without judging, without analyzing, without thinking, without rereading, without stopping to correct mistakes, without wanting to see if it makes sense or not what is being received, etc., everything that comes. These "messages" usually have a high content of personal information for the individual, since they come from the depths of us and those other levels, both the Higher Self and the soul, are always willing to communicate with the personality, and few times can. In these cases, the information that comes out can be tremendously deep or there can be many resistances and fears from one's own personality and not a word comes out. This is because we are afraid to investigate in our interior installed in the subconscious mental sphere and in the mental body, and as the “wave” from the Higher Self by the golden cord has to go through and be decoded by the mental spheres, the content of the message is filtered or blocked if our belief systems do not accept this type of communication, we do not believe in it or we simply have some kind of resistance to what may come out, thinking that it is nonsense that we are “inventing ourselves.” In any case, with practice, deprogramming, and energy healing, you can obtain extensive information on many topics and dialogue with your Higher Self through writing.

The distortions in this way of communication would come from entities anchored to the mental body or manipulating it, energetic attacks against your mind or the own blocks of the person that we already mentioned. If the first two cases occur, the data packets and "wave" that is received by the gold cord would be distorted and the final result that the hand "writes" would not make much sense. Again, for most people on the planet in most situations it will be a very powerful tool to combine with the previous two.

Meditation and "direct" connection

The fourth and final way to connect with the Higher Self and "talk" directly to check the information is through meditation. It may be something for people who are more accustomed to it, but it is simply a matter of entering into meditation, relaxing, and projecting consciousness "up," imagining or visualizing that we "rise" symbolically to the level of our Higher Self. What is projected is the human consciousness that is in the sphere of consciousness, in the upper part of the mental body, so that no body "goes out" or goes anywhere, simply, so that you understand me, is "stretching” consciousness to a higher frequency level. It is visualized, as each one deems appropriate, a mental scenario where you request the presence of your Higher Self and begins a mental dialogue of questions and answers, or simply asking for some advice, or asking for help on any topic, or asking for information on what you are reading on the blog, or whatever. And from there it is the practice, trust, mental deprogramming and cleaning of the channel between the Higher Self and the mind that makes it easier for your Higher Self to dictate you the British encyclopedia without any problem or restriction on your part if that has been your request.

The distortion in this method comes, again, by the fears, programming and belief system of the person who does not accept, does not believe, thinks that everything is an invention, etc. Also by entities anchored to the mental body that block the projection of the sphere of consciousness and the person "sees nothing." As in the previous methods, for most people on the planet on most occasions, this method allows you to ask what you want and receive direct answers and “dialogue” from your personality with your Higher Self.

In summary

With the combination of these four methods, it is very difficult to be fooled or distort what you want to know or ask, you can receive answers to anything you need, you can check everything that comes to us and I publish in the articles and you will have the internal certainty of seeing how you are advancing and growing in all aspects of your life, consciousness and being, as the connection with the highest level of each one becomes more fluid, clean and safe. It is a matter of practice, patience and perseverance and the results are spectacular over time.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,


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