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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
When you explained in the series of articles on the CS that “new” members are recruited to grade 34 if they have “aptitudes” to be part of the tenth circle of the control system, how do members of the CS6 know that there are persons who have the “qualities” to be able to “offer” them to enter into its structure? One part, perhaps, can be answered logically, saying that if you have to spend 15 or 20 years in a lodge to go up from grade 1 to 33 (or the equivalent system in other organizations like that), they already know you well enough to know if you have "the right profile."


On the one hand, it is correct, on the other, it is incomplete. The members of the CS6 know if a person is "suitable" to be part of the control system because they "read" the person directly without any filter, and perceive, directly, if their mental and emotional structure, and the rest of the levels, is "adequate" for it. In simple terms: "they see through you" and they can know you better than we all know ourselves.

Is it a magic trick? A hidden power that they have developed at that level? It is much simpler: they do not have any mental filter that prevents them from capturing the direct emissions of people's subtle bodies, and, therefore, if someone emits "greed" and "thirst for social status,” it is perceived without filters, and if someone emits "desire for power,” or emits any other program, behavior, need or emotion, it is captured as it is. As it is correct that we all change over time in various aspects, with a minimum “follow-up” of the most “promising” members during a small period in their last “public” degrees, they already see perfectly who is who, and who can be offer to pass to "degree 34,” when they have finished the supposedly existing levels for the public within that lodge or "esoteric" organization.

A mental image of each person

To understand how this mechanism works, we are going to explain how the creation of the image we have of others occurs, the filters and the role of belief systems when it comes to “defining” how we think someone is, and how we create a "mental" model of that person quickly, which we will then use, always, unconsciously and subconsciously, to "define" how we see and treat those with whom we have a relationship.

24 hours a day, each and every one of us constantly emits energetic forms from all subtle bodies, including physical ones, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which contain information about the energetic states and programs in which we find ourselves at all times. As much as you try to hide it by putting a good face on it, if we are angry, we emit “anger,” if we are sad, we emit “sadness” or if we are radiant, we emit “happiness”. But we don't just emit a “wave” with the “main” concept; if we have a little of this state of mind and a little of the other, some thoughts about something and some doubts about the other, a certain etheric vibration level, together with fears or desires about this or that, all the “frequencies” are emitted simultaneously. In general, and to summarize it, there are thousands of electromagnetic projections continually "coming out" from the whole of the subtle structure, creating, in total, a medley of waves that emit how we are, and how we are, from the most dense and physical level to the causal body and soul.

All these emissions are projected in all directions, forming our reality bubble and being "bounded" by a membrane that contains, and limits, our individual projection of it, using the mechanisms that we have already explained in previous articles to give "solidity” and “material density” to that content, and thus creating the world “in which we live”.

As part of the projection mechanisms of our reality, we continually emit all kinds of "waves" whose content reflects what "we are" and "how we are" at all levels of our subtle structure.
The combination of all the emissions forms the “wave” of vibration of our personal reality and it is what other people “catch” about us.
"Mental" content
"Emotional" content
"Etheric" and "physical" content, etc.​

Filtering the energies of others

When two people meet for the first time, they do not have records of each other, neither in their mental banks nor in their programming, that provide them with information about the other's “existence,” and, therefore, there are no pre-established models that serve the ego psyche management program to analyze that person within our databases and memories, based on previous experiences with him or her.

In order to interact with the other person, the processes of the mental spheres must act very quickly and analyze the energy that comes from that other "bubble of existence" with which your own has interacted, as if two soap bubbles were to intertwine and exchange data about the existence of one towards the other.

And it is that, when your electromagnetic field comes into contact with another electromagnetic field, your energy "sensors,” your chakras and the receptors of all the subtle bodies automatically capture the emissions of the person at front of you, but, instead of registering them "as is,” before they come to your mind and you can make sense of or analyze "the impression that person gives you,” first there is a filtering through your own protective membrane, so that the "waves” of the others as they are emitted don’t get to us, but a filtered and slightly distorted version of them.

When interacting with other people, each one “captures” the “wave” of the other, but filtered by the energetic membranes of our own “bubble of reality”​

This filter exists to protect our energy system, to minimize a bit the impact of "negative" waves, so that, at the projection limits of our reality, the membrane that encompasses our entire electromagnetic field partially limits the "wave" of the person with whom we have intersected our “bubble”. Likewise, the other person filters the emissions that you project on him, and his image of you will be altered by this first energetic filter of the outer membrane of his electromagnetic field.

The first impression is what counts?

In this first "intersection" of realities, we have not yet built a mental image of the person, although we can begin to talk about that "first impression" that we receive, and of which I imagine all of you will have had some experience. For this reason, even without specially analyzing a stranger, within seconds of talking to him or her we already “notice” something. This "first impression" is nothing other than the result of the first distillate of the emissions of the person in front of us, and that is already slightly altered by our personal protection membrane, with which, although it is a "real" impression, it always varies some from what the person is really emitting and how the person really "is".

Once the "projective waves" of the person we have just met pass through the first filtering and enter the interior of the receptors and sensors that we have, all the information they contain is sent to the lower intellectual center, located at the etheric and mental level, at the level of the third chakra. In the lower intellectual center, a first general "modeling" is produced with all the received content, so that, without putting any label on it or making any value judgment, a mental form is created that contains the parameters that, supposedly, we have received from the person in question.

In this process, the mental model created will contain the information that we perceive about that person on a physical level: what they are like, their constitution, their strength and perceived energy; at the etheric level: the vitality it emanates, its energetic "health,” the radiation of "life" it possesses; on an emotional level: the main emotional forms that it emits and are most active at that moment; at the mental level: the main behaviors and patterns that are in control in their psyche and personality, etc., and, all this, without being able to be disguised in any way or hidden by who is in front of us, since their "emissions" are automatic and continuous and are not under the control of the personality.

Comparing the mental "mold" with the rest of other people's "models"

Once we have the first "mold" of the person in the lower intellectual center, it passes through the "etheric" autonomic nervous system to the brain, which is also receiving information through the physical senses (sight, ears, etc.). From there, all the information passes together in a single block of data to the preconscious mental sphere, through the etheric cerebellum, and, there, that mold of the person is taken and more "depth,” nuances and details, comparing it with other "models" of other similar people that we have reference to in our databases.

It is at this point in the analysis that we have the second impression of the type "it looks like such a person,” "it is like my friend / or such person,” "it has an air of so and so ..."

Then, since our mental processes have not yet finished "locating" that person we have just met, at least to a minimum, the senses continue to collect, in order to complete the analysis, non-stop information from the "bubble" of the person we have met, and, during the first seconds of the conversation, or by simply being with him or her, we add to the initial “mental model” as much data as our energetic receptors capture, whether we do a conscious “scan” of the person observing him and deliberately “analyzing” him, or if we unconsciously allow his electromagnetic emissions to continue to be collected and our mental programs analyze them while those first seconds of “inconsequential” talk are produced that serve us all, socially, to start a conversation and interact with others.

In both cases, within seconds of this first meeting, the preconscious mental sphere decides that it already has enough data to "catalog" someone and classifies it within a series of parameters governed by the "humanity" archetype,” which classifies in our databases each and every one of the human beings we have met with respect to how we see them and how we see ourselves with respect to others. This means that one of the programs of our mind, also controlled by the ego program, decides how that person “fits” within the “models” of the rest of the human beings that we have been building for ourselves since we were little, and, with them we are assigning lots of labels to each human being to be able to “file” that person properly in our conception of reality and how, “she,” fits, from now on, in our “world”.

If it turns out that this person is someone who has just moved to the next floor and you say hello for three seconds while you walk through the door, the main label and modeling will tend towards the “neighbor” model, obvious and simple, but with the parameters that the “neighbor” concept has in the mind of each one of us according to the previous models created by experiences with other “neighbors”. Then, based on the data that we have captured about the personality of the "neighbor" in that first interaction, we will unconsciously assign subcategories to that person and it will already be a "neighbor in this way,” "neighbor in such another way,” etc. Then, as we have more encounters with the person and get to know something more about him, the labels change and the association parameters stabilize until, more or less, we get a "fixed" idea of him or her which is permanently archived in different elements of the psyche.

As many parameters as possible for each human being

It is something like what Netflix does with each new movie that they upload to their database, they put hundreds of labels on it that describe the movie, so that their AI profile control, when it has to suggest a series or documentary to spend the afternoon on the couch, search its database for labels that correspond to the movies you have already seen, so that it can "locate" you according to what it knows about you, because it has cataloged your previous experiences with hundreds of “codes” that categorize the movies you have watched and, with them, a profile of how you are and what you like has already been created.

In the same way, we categorize (without being aware) with hundreds of labels all the people that are part of our reality, and, when we have to retrieve information about them, the mental archetype of “people management” uses those labels to retrieve information from past interactions, memories and memories that we have, experiences that we have accumulated together, etc. As, in this case, it is the first time that we meet someone, and we do not have those "labels" assigned, we have to create them at full speed to mentally catalog, as quickly as possible, the "new humans who have interacted with our bubble of reality and about which we had no previous data”.

However, it does not end here. Since we all analyze others according to how we think others are, and not how people perceive themselves, when creating this whole "model" of what someone is like, we apply many other filters present in our communication beliefs systems. These new filters that come into action are found in the preconscious layer of the mental body, one of the several layers that make up this subtle body, so that the "final" image that we keep about someone is again "distorted" depending on how we have believed that this someone "is,” when, in reality, from the initial emission of someone who crossed our reality bubble, until the final creation of the mental model about "someone," the data has gone through several dozen filtering processes and the "last" idea that remains etched in the psyche is the idea that we have made with the "internal" material that we had, being, in general, a bit different (or a lot), to the original pattern of what the person really emitted at the moment of meeting us.

The information received passes to the preconscious mental sphere, where the first "image" of someone is created before passing it to the mental body and the rest of the psyche analysis processes.
But this image does not correspond 100% to the content of the "wave" received, but rather it corresponds to the wave received from others filtered first by the protective barrier of our bubble, then by the filters of the mind and then adapted by our systems of beliefs (automatic and unconscious), giving rise to a mental “model” about that person that is stored in our memory and that becomes the way we are going to “see” them from that moment​

Seeing others as we have mentally cataloged them

But the process does not end here. From that moment, in which we have built a mental model of someone, we no longer use the emissions that we captured from him or her for the next joint iterations, but we use, directly, our mental model to “see” that person.

This is literally how we are programmed to act. Although the person may emit something slightly different than what they emitted when we met them, we no longer use the new information that the senses capture to accommodate and update the mental model that we have of them, but we continue to use the original. There has to be a sufficiently noticeable change in the emission that we catch from someone so that the programs of the lower intellectual center give the order to revise the model to the archetypes of the preconscious mental sphere, because what is being captured “no longer fits” with the model that we have created of someone.

Therefore, and in general, someone you have not seen in some time causes you a "data update" because the change in their projection can be substantial, but someone you see every day, your partner or your children, they do not cause major updates to the model. For this reason, you continue to see your adolescent children as when they were 7 years old (with the same “labels”) or you continue to perceive your partner as when you “analyzed” her for the first time 10 years ago (I exaggerate a bit so that the concept is understood).

How come we don't see people as people really "are"?

Basically, what the ego program does is to create a personality "I" associated with each human being that is part of our life. Not only do we have different facets of our personality that are exchanged according to the ego program considers it appropriate, but we literally create an “I” of the closest people: partner, children, family, friends or recurring people in our life.

Therefore, on the surface of the sphere of consciousness, approximately one meter from the head, and where our personality is located, we have the "mental models" of all those little people, like little characters who share our psyche with our own character facets. When your child enters through the door that comes from school, your programming no longer worries about analyzing the energy content that it perceives from his electromagnetic field, but it directly activates the mental model, and your interaction with your child is based on your parameters already previously created and active.

In the sphere of consciousness, we create the mental models of each person that is part of our reality
Mental model of our partner
Mental model of our son, etc.
All the "I's" of our personality
Sphere or “torus” of consciousness, located in the mental body, in the mental plane of the planet, approximately one meter above the person's head
Mental spheres, "software" of the psyche, which analyzes and processes the data that comes through the brain collected by the senses and facilitates their understanding from the processing of these by our "conscious part"​

Obviously, when something important enough changes in the energy field of that person, it is noticed and the indicative of "needs updating" is sent, but, when they are just day-to-day things, that nothing has changed especially regarding the content of yesterday, we continue to perceive others as our mental mold told us at the time that others "were,” with the hundreds of associated labels that we put on them at the time.

"Resetting" the "obsolete" models

If you want to hear again the phrase “you do know me like nobody else / you are the only one who sees me as I really am,” You have to restart the "old" or "less updated" models that you have of all those who are part of your life, basically because these people have been changing gradually, little by little, but without any "direct" change or especially "important” from one day to the next that has made your programming really update the model you have of them. Therefore, we continue to use and mentally catalog our relatives as we did when we created our mental mold of them, and we can change that. With the request that I put to you, we ask our Higher Self to give the instructions corresponding to the lower intellectual center and the ego program to update the mental models of all those who are important to us, so we have to do it person by person, indicating the name of who you want to "reset" and update the "data" and "labels" associated with them in your mental structure.

In some cases, there will be no major difference, in others, well, maybe you start to see your partner, children, parents, friends, bosses, etc., in an “updated” way and that will cause you a mini-surprise (“really? have you always been like this?” “Since when are you that way?” Now I realize how it has changed…”).

The request is as follows:

"I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to update the parameters, labels and "data" associated with XXX (put name) in my mental and psychic structure. I request that the obsolete labels and classifications regarding XXX be deleted, instructing the lower intellectual center and the rest of the components of my mind involved in the collection, analysis of data and creation of mental models of people, to erase those that are obsolete and that you regenerate them again with the “new” information that you pick up from the next interaction you have with XXX. I request that all old and invalid parameters about my relationship with XXX be removed as well so that I can clean up my memory banks and previous tag filtering systems assigned to it. Thanks."

Remember that this request will have to be made several times and that it can also be encoded as we have done in previous articles and whose process it is explained in the glossary if you have not done it before.

How CS6 Members Read People

So, going back to the topic to the beginning, to read someone and always be able to "read" them in an updated way, you have to continually delete all the models that you have created of all the people you have come across in your life. This does not make any sense for us, as long as we update from time to time it is enough with the really important and close people, but it does make sense for CS "recruiters” members, who are always looking for new members who can become part of the CS10.

Furthermore, all the members of the CS6, with the years of intense internal work that they do, and the enormous deprogramming they receive, have eliminated all their old belief systems, all their mental filters, and many of the barriers and membranes that distort "real" perception of what someone emits, in addition to having improved all energy capture systems to be able to perceive from others even the most hidden emotion or fear in them. When a member of the CS6 "reads" someone energetically, he knows better than that person how that person "is,” because he captures each wave and each projection of each subtle body with all its content. That is what makes them correct, generally, when it comes to knowing who to pick and who not to pick to be part of the control system, and, from there, is why the CS has been able to endure so many centuries in control of humanity and to infiltrate all the management structures of society. With this "ability" active at this level, there is no public or private character who does not show himself "how he really is,” with all his weaknesses and defects before a member of the CS6, who reads every wave you emit, finding your weak points and knowing how to always use them to their advantage, and, normally, without making a mistake about it.

For us, for now, it is enough to “read” the people around us correctly, to always interact with them in the closest and “clear” way. It would also be good if this request was made by your relatives so that they also reset their "mental models" of you, and also made their own data update of how they perceive you. Perhaps you will give them some surprise as well, because if you know that you have changed, but you think that others do not realize it, now you know how the mechanism that prevents them from doing so works, and the way to solve it.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Sorry for the delay on DT articles. Carl and I will be catching up on a few so expect a few more as well as any new ones that are appropriate to translate.
I always find it takes me at least 3 reads to get the information settling in my head, thanks for the effort, anyway.
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and once all is gone missunderstandings fo speach should be far less common if understood correctly
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