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Jul 19, 2016
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By Darko Velcek via

Many people are panicking as they hear the reports of the symptoms that women are getting when they are spending time in the vicinity of mRNA vaccinated people.

Let me calm you down a bit. The situation is not as bad as it looks, not for non-vaccinated people, although that they may experience similar symptoms as those who are vaccinated.

What is going on?

When we are talking about the seasonal flu, we are being told that there is a microorganism, a “virus” that is causing this “disease” and that this virus is transmitted through droplets of saliva.

Where is this virus during the rest of the year, and why it comes back every Fall and every Spring?

We are told that it is dormant inside of our cells and under certain conditions it becomes active.

If it is so then the transmission of it from one human to another is not necessary, don’t you think so?

Yes, if somebody would think, unfortunately, those that should think are trained to listen and obey and they constantly repeat the same lies they have been told in the indoctrination center, the medical university.

Through my articles and videos, I have explained that when a virus is in question, the diagnosis is strictly symptomatic since the virus does not exist, it cannot be found or proven.

I have also explained that symptoms of infectious diseases are basically the same no matter what is the culprit, and if bacteria or fungus are not found, then the blame falls on the nonexistent virus because this claim cannot be proved or disapproved.

I have also explained that the symptoms of an infectious disease are nothing more than symptoms of very toxic blood and the natural blood’s detoxification process.

If this is so, why we call them contagious diseases, how can toxins be spread from one body onto another?

The same symptoms cannot be replicated on every human that becomes polluted with the “pathogen”, the symptoms are related to the personal level of toxicity and this means that it is not the bacteria, or fungus, or the nonexistent virus that is causing the symptoms.

The symptoms are strictly related to the type and the level of toxicity of the individual.

There is something that triggers people’s cellular toxicity to be pushed into the blood, and this “something” is the real culprit of the transmission, of the “spreading of the disease”.

This “something” that causes the cellular toxin to leak from cells is the cellular reaction to the change in the environment.

Here we go quantum again.

Since everything is the frequency of energy, any change of this frequency represents a change of the environment.

If the frequency changes slowly, our genes have time to instruct our cells how to perform in this changing environment, and we do not experience any problems.

If the frequency of the environment changes rapidly, genes do not have the time to inform cells about the changes they have to do and this puts cells into a defensive mode, they tighten up, they cringe, and by doing so, some of their liquid is squirted out through their membranes.

The more toxic are the cells, the higher amount of poison will enter the bloodstream and the symptoms of toxic blood appear.

Why are nonvaccinated women experiencing symptoms of painful menstruation and irregular menstrual cycle the same as the vaccinated women when they are in their vicinity?

Vaccinated women had received a toxic mRNA poison that is vibrating with a frequency of the reproductive system that was slightly changed.

This changed vibration is influencing the genes to show an instructional blueprint of how should the cells behave if they want to survive in this changed environment.

Since the change of the environment through the vaccine was fast, the cells had no time to adjust to the change and they went into a defensive mode. They have tightened up and squirted their toxins into the blood.

The more toxic was the individual on a cellular level, the more toxin was released and the stronger symptoms of blood pollution have appeared.

This is why people with chronic health problems and the elderly are experiencing the worst reaction to the vaccine.

Since doctors have no knowledge of what is happening, they are instructed to poison the “pathogen” and not knowingly, they are increasing the pollution of the blood making the situation worse, often causing death.

Since the frequency of the vaccinated people is changed, they are radiating this frequency from their bodies. The closer we are to the source of the vibration, the more this vibration affects us.

The mRNA vaccine is what we can call in this case a virus.

The pathogen, the mRNA is not transferred, but the body is resonating with this vibration so whoever will come close to this source of vibration will be affected on the cellular level.

This means that as soon as you come close to the vaccinated individual, your cells will be receiving this vibration and go into the self-defensive mode and more toxic you are on the cellular level, the strongest symptoms of polluted blood you will experience.

As soon as you remove yourself from the influence of this vibration, your cells will relax, but the blood is polluted already and has to be cleansed. The symptoms will occur as if you have been vaccinated yourself, but there is a big difference. After you have cleansed your blood, after the symptoms are gone, you will be healthy because the source of the wrong vibration is not in your body.

What you have experienced was the symptoms of “flu”, an energy shift of your environment caused by a vaccinated individual.

Since the mRNA vaccine is designed to change the vibration of the reproductive system, basically to sterilize you, this is the type of frequency that is influencing you and the symptoms will be related to the reproductive organs. Women’s menstrual cycle will be affected, but also the uterus and the breasts, they are all resonating with the reproductive frequency.

The remedy is simple.

Drink as much plasma (water with sea salt) as possible. This will help your body to detoxify itself.

It will not prevent the symptoms, but it will help you to eliminate the blood toxins faster and without complications.

Start to cleanse your cells now, before your cells are exposed to the energetic shift and this will prevent the manifestation of symptoms when you get into the changed environment, no matter if the frequency change comes from another individual, a change of climate, the cellphone tower radiation or even the Scalar weapon system unless the frequency change is so violent that your brain will show it to you as cooked inner organs which was the case in Wuhan and we saw people dropping like flies.

Use the Self Healers Protocol to cleanse your body and to re-tune it to the correct frequency.

This is what the protocol is designed to do.

Do not fear. Arm yourself with knowledge, and have faith, because we have been created as perfect self-adjusting and self-maintaining and healing robots.

Love and light to us all.

Posted with permission from Darko Velcek

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