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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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It is possible that with the explanations of the previous article, the most probable thing is that many of us have asked, does this mean that we are all co-creating a world where there is not enough food, resources, money, housing or all those elements that make us live on the “solid” plane with a minimum of comfort?
Yes, but in part. That is, for something on the solid plane to be in a certain way, it must first be created on the mental plane and then on the etheric plane, we have already mentioned it several times. Therefore, on the mental plane there must always be the idea, the elements and the scenarios at the macro and global levels that "there is not enough," "there are no resources," "we live in scarcity." While all human beings to a greater or lesser extent emit this type of mental form from our psyche to the collective unconscious, we already have the first part of the complete process, that is, we will always have in the collective unconscious the energetic forms of "lack of" that then they serve to create reality. These thought forms descend into the etheric plane through the octaves and timelines that we already know, and thus, automatically, regularly, the generic global reality is that of “there is not enough for everyone”.

The 1% that controls “everything”

Very well, but there are many people who have a lot of money and resources. It is correct, in fact, that approximately 1% of the population owns approximately 90% of the planet's wealth. Isn't this a little exaggerated and unbalanced?

Totally. How did they do it? Deprogramming, eliminating the archetype of scarcity that we are now going to explain and see how it is done.

Does this mean that all millionaires in the world understand how reality creation works and understand how they can manipulate and cleanse their own psyche for it?

No, not by far, some have worked enormously on their mental systems and personality level to focus their relationship with financial and monetary resources without having any energetic, spiritual or deprogramming perspective, but they have managed to make changes in their psyche, their mind, their personality, and their relationship to the concept and archetype of money and abundance by changing the mental behavior patterns associated with them. And it is that a program is changed with another program, a belief is changed with another belief and a pattern of behavior can be changed with another pattern of behavior.

Therefore, there are many people on the planet who have amassed enormous fortunes without having a clue of all this but changing their projection, beliefs and mental forms associated with the archetype of abundance. It is something that you can find in thousands of books on "how to be financially successful," with the difference that, of the millions of people who read them (those who are worth reading), only a handful actually see the changes and execute and promote the inner transformation that is required to go from emitting and operating under the archetype of scarcity and lack of resources to emitting and operating under the archetype of abundance.

So we give credit where it needs to be given, there are people who, due to hard internal work, knowing or not what was happening in their psyches and patterns of reality emission, have obtained an enormous amount of resources because they began to emit another personal “quantum hologram” where those resources were already a natural part of what was being emitted by their pineal gland and by the content of their mental body.

So leaving aside this group of people who have been successful on their own, what happens to the rest?

A high percentage of the members of the control circles that we have explained, from the third to the tenth circle of power, understand, because this is how they are taught when they enter those levels, how reality works, therefore, a large part of that 1% of people who have 90% of the resources are these same members of the first ten circles of power on the planet, all of them, or almost all, being members of some of the initiatory "secret" societies that we have commented exist in our society (question 101).

So, among other things, if you have learned to deprogram your mind so that it does not emit and does not project any type of situation associated with scarcity, but you continue to keep the “average” human being projecting the lack of resources in his life constantly, that 1% of humanity continues to accumulate resources and wealth, because in the end most of them are "intangible" resources, such as the numbers of your checking account in a bank, and that 99% continues to accumulate "lack of the same," for the opposite reasons.

In addition, if you remember when we talked about the levels of reality that exist on the planet and that a person can only access certain levels of reality according to their evolutionary level, we also find that, within the common energy framework of line 33 where the majority of the human population is found, the strata of reality are so low that the archetypes of "scarcity" and "lack of everything" are very powerful, therefore, the lower the vibrational level a person has, the more difficult it is to connect with the archetypes of abundance that have a higher frequency, and, therefore, are subject to the person having a minimum frequency level to be able to tune into that raw material of "abundance" in his mental body, and from there start emitting patterns of "I have what I need" instead of "I never make it to the end of the month".

Everything works as radio stations, everything is holoquantic waves, everything is energy patterns and the world of each one of us only depends on what we emit. But what we emit depends on the raw material that we use to emit, therefore, if we are at a low level of vibration and in reality we can only aspire to emit low-vibration waves that project scenarios associated with all kinds of more negative situations, with which, the whole concept of "lack of resources" and "lack of anything" takes shape more quickly in areas, places and societies themselves "poor" economically, but also energetically poor by the vibration of the place where they reside.

This, of course, seen from a generic point of view, because in every area, no matter how poor it is, there is always someone who does well, and, therefore, it is not a rule that is written in stone, but that works by accessing energy fields that are intertwined with each other, interconnected and superimposed on each other, so that, in a place where a majority of the population fails to obtain the resources they may need for their day to day, others may be accessing higher levels of reality within those same areas and are those who have "everything" in an environment where "there is nothing."

But these people may not have realized it, they may not know how they have done it, or different situations may have led to a change in their projection of reality, their way of understanding the world in which they live, or they may have received some type of catalyst, trigger, aid or external push to be able to get out of a lower level of reality and raise a couple of degrees the energy network from which they emit. Multiple situations and explanations are possible at the mental and etheric level, taking into account the effort, work or what at the physical level these people have put in place to get out of that level of "scarcity" and enter the level of "abundance”.

A mean of controlling the planet

In any case, and in general, scarcity is used as a means of controlling society to make humanity always remain concerned with obtaining the resources it needs to get ahead, to strive to get ahead, so that energy of the effort start the engine of the economic system and this feeds the Asimoss society as we have explained previously, and this is how the society and the economic system that we have had since the times of the lhumanu has been designed, since monetary or exchange forms of goods were inserted in our first societies as a way to maintain control of what the human being owned or failed to possess.

Thus, when introducing the concept of "money," which is the way in which this process began, the archetype of abundance, which is to have what you need when you need it, was replaced by that of "accumulation of wealth," which it happens to obtain many “pieces” of that which will help you to obtain what you need when you need it.

I don't know if you understand the "energy move" that was set in motion by the Asimoss and Amoss so that the Ihumanus and their first civilizations could be controlled through the resources they possessed. Instead of endowing them with the capacities to live in an energy-limitless world that could provide them what they needed by a holoquantic projection of reality, they were made to focus on obtaining physical wealth, pieces of metal and paper, which they would later go to exchange to get what they needed.

Since the Amoss and Asimoss cannot control the energy of infinite abundance, they had to control the material that, from that moment, came to replace that concept, so that money was introduced to decide who had access to something and who did not, what people had more power and what people were subjugated, what region was made to prosper and what region was plunged into misery if they did not comply with the orders of the Asimoss and Amoss through their clans and control systems.

By thus controlling the flow of metal pieces that represents the value that things can have according to our subjective perception, they could then cut mental access to the archetype and energy of abundance, and achieve that all of society remained subjugated to the economic system and financial on the one hand, at the material level, and the religious system, on the other, at the level of beliefs and spiritual.

A system adapted to each era

With these two archetypes installed in the lhumanu psyche, it did not take much effort for the planetary reality to change thousands of years ago and adapt to the concept of society that we have now, since the world banking system controls the economy of all countries, regions, cities and human beings and their financial system is the one that says how many resources in the form of numbers in the bank or colored papers with numbers printed on them we have to spend the month according to our energetic value for the control system, etc.

That is, your payroll is equivalent in certain sense to the energy they can extract from you and how much you are worth within the cogs of the world financial and economic system, because people who are very well paid are because they have positions in the world machinery where they can through them manipulate other structures and many other people below them, therefore, doing "honor" to the cause-effect energy laws, more financial resources must be inserted into the lives of those who serve the system more when they are within its machinery than those that have a near zero nominal value and that can be replaced much more easily within this same system.

This way of understanding the value of a person, which was implemented by the Asimoss to reward the service of the priestly castes and the first clans that put themselves in control of the rest, has been developing naturally and progressively in all historical times of humanity, where, already left on autopilot, we human beings have been in charge of regulating the economic and reward systems that we give each other for the work or service we provide, already under the rules that we pay someone more or less according to parameters stipulated by the same society, which have their origin and their etheric and mental structure in a control system where scarcity and the archetypes of lack of resources are what keep the world economic system going.

Therefore, in order to deprogram these archetypes of our psyche, and to be able to leave the lowest levels of the structure of reality where we do not have too many options to start emitting other projections associated with abundance, we will make the following request to our Higher Self, many times, for months if necessary, until the physical reality of your day to day shows that you have begun to co-create another "world" for yourself and that which depends on you. As long as your external reality does not change, your internal reality has not yet changed enough, and therefore, it is necessary to continue executing this request to be able to clean, deprogram and eliminate from us what is holding us back and blocking aspects of our life.

The request is as follows:

I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to eliminate the archetypes, programs, patterns and elements of scarcity, lack of resources and lack of elements in my “material” world and replace them with archetypes of abundance and to obtain everything that I need when I need it, based on my greater good, my sacred plot, my evolutionary processes, my mission and purpose. I request and give permanent permission for the caps, inhibitors, distorters and blockages present in me that make it difficult to emit a reality according to a vibration higher than what I now possess, that make it difficult for me to climb into a stratum of my timeline from where I can emit with a higher frequency and that make it difficult for me to access higher levels of reality in order to see manifested in my reality, tangible to my physical senses, the abundance and total access to the resources of life and in the universe at all times and in all areas of my life. Thank you.​

This completes our long series of articles on the functioning of the world economy, now so in focus for all of us because of the situation our society is suffering. It is possible that the global economic situation will worsen if this issue of the covid-19 continues to strengthen, or if the RIC and CS insist on blocking the entire economy of our society in order to implement the changes at the economic level that we have already explained, and that our Higher Selves are dismantling due to the request in the previous article, but against which they are counter-attacking and reinstalling everything that is being attempted to dismantle, which means that not much progress is made, at least for the time being. These are going to be a few complicated months in general, and therefore, we have to get out of the most negative zone and work non-stop in everything that moves us to higher levels of reality and connects us with the flows and archetypes of abundance (have what I need when I need it, different from having what I want when I want it) to be able to disconnect as much as possible from the archetypes and programs that have always broadcast the opposite.

A hug,

David Topí

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Aug 29, 2017
well they try to relaunch it but i read a new degree of falling in the economy to arrive

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