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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
I hope that with the three previous articles that we have published on this subject, we will more or less understand how financial flows work and how they accelerate, slow down or empty when the RIC and CS wish. What we have not yet explained is the reason why they are installing blockchain nodes at the mental and etheric level.

Why is blockchain technology used to secure the RIC's energy supply?

Those of you who have read something about crypto economics will know that when transactions are encapsulated in a "physical" block chain (although it is actually "virtual,” since the software is part of the 1.3 plane and only the electronic and mechanical part of the servers where these programs run are part of plane 1.1), they are all compacted in a data block, and this block remains permanently within the network and unaltered. It is something like taking several data files and compressing them into a ZIP or RAR file, encrypting it, so that it cannot be altered, with the difference that in this case what goes in a block chain block are economic transactions.

This is one of its main qualities and strengths, as it is very difficult on a “human” level (and I emphasize “human” because the RIC and CS can) alter the content of the blockchain, and therefore, there is always a fixed record of any economic or data transaction (blockchain is used for more things than for cryptocurrencies) what has been recorded on it.

Once the block of economic transactions with cryptocurrencies has been "mined" and all the nodes have already made a copy of it, so that it is incorporated into the blockchain for "always," the RIC technology copies this same block from the Bitcoin or Ethereum block chain or any other, to its etheric and mental counterpart, inserting it in the macro etheric pipeline and in the macro mental pipeline that we have already explained.

With this, it is achieved that, instead of circulating the energy of an individual transaction that goes in the form of "energetic fluid" (such as a bank card payment or a "normal" money transfer), which is circulated by the pipe is the block that groups all the transactions encoded in it, which is compact, and therefore can be circulated millions of times through the pipes without losing energy. This way, the same kinetic energy can be generated millions of times per movement of an encrypted and unaltered block of transactions that previously generated a single "open" transaction.

image (1).png

Translation: Left to right, top to bottom​
Encrypted transaction block, you can circulate millions of times through the pipes without losing energy​
Mental pipeline, sub-plane 3.3 with all the "mental" flow of the world economy​
Mental-etheric interconnection​
Etheric pipeline, sub-plane 2.4 with all the "etheric" flow of the world economy​
Main "pipe" that carries the entire economic flow of society, in sub-plane 1.3​
Energetic conversion to RIC systems​
A copy of each block is inserted into the "economic" pipeline at the physical, etheric and mental level​
Block chain nodes managed by the RIC and CS​
"Normal" blockchain nodes (users connected to the blockchain). They carry out economic transactions with cryptocurrencies​
All transactions on a virtual blockchain network (plane 1.3) are recorded in blocks that connect to each other forming an unalterable and encrypted chain​

That is, now, if we make a payment in any “traditional” system, it enters the physical, etheric and mental pipes, circulates through them and, sooner or later, the energy of that transaction ends up diluting, as it is used to convert it in energy that the Asimoss system can use and it is "spent". However, if you compact transactions into blocks that cannot be altered, and make them pass thousands or millions of times through the pipes, these packages do not “wear out,” but continue to circulate non-stop, because at the physical, etheric, and mental they have not been erased, nor have they been removed, and they are compacted and encrypted, so that there is no way to enter them or dilute or deactivate them.

Thus, this way, the Asimoss have millions of times more "fuel" to rotate the energy conversion turbines towards its distribution networks and infrastructure than when transactions are individual and are not "fixed" to a block, since they can only be put it through the pipe once before its energy is converted and used.

For this reason, with even fewer economic transactions, but all under block chain technology, the Asimoss and other races will have much more energy because they will circulate all the blocks continuously without stopping, making them grow in size each time they "chain" each other, forming a more robust and durable system and more efficient in terms of energy generation for them, and for this reason, we have asked that everything be disassembled with the request of the previous article to prevent them from having more power and energy than they already have, which it is a lot.

Why do they get energy from the movement of the economy?

To complete the section we will say that, simply, energy cannot be obtained from “static” sources, so when the Asimoss are plugged into the planet's etheric core for use as a battery for example, they have to extract their energy and pass it through their own turbines and reconversion systems to be useful to them, which is very laborious for them. It is a bit the same reason why we cannot obtain energy directly from a lake, but we can obtain energy from a flowing river, or we cannot extract energy from the wind if it does not blow.

For this reason, the economy is a perfect energy for the RIC because it is always on the move, there are always financial flows circulating and they do everything possible, as we have seen, so that they never stop doing so.

Why the flow of money for the control of society?

Now with the technical part explained, let us ask ourselves this question: Why do we use the energy of the economy and money?

It is used because it serves to fulfill two functions simultaneously: controlling humanity and providing energy resources to the RIC. The second part we have already seen, let's go with the first one.

The same way that belief systems and religions have been used to block the potential of the human being and make him believe that his fate, destiny and reality always depended on external forces over which he had no control, something similar happens with the concepts of abundance, wealth, and the counterpart of scarcity, lack of resources, and limitation in the physical elements that make a person's life full or miserable.

The concept of abundance is born as part of the "Creation," where all the conscious beings that exist in it have everything they need to be happy and to carry out their evolutionary purposes. Therefore, there is no concept of scarcity or lack of resources on any plane above the mental plane of the universe, our galaxy, the solar system, and finally the planet. What does this mean? It means that there is no life form above the mental plane that knows what it means to "not have something," "to lack resources," "not to be able to get something" or "scarcity of something."

But, if this is so, why then in the most “material” systems and planes, from the mental to the etheric and the physical, does this concept exist?

By manipulation, and by many processes that have occurred throughout the history of civilizations and races that have existed and exist throughout the universe, where, in their own evolutionary processes, the implementation of the concept of scarcity has occurred and lack of resources as a way to detonate and catalyze evolutionary processes for those races, groups, or societies.

By not having "something," many conscious beings, groups, and species throughout the universe have endeavored to develop the capacities, qualities, and potentials that allowed them to obtain or achieve what they needed, with which why this "lack of" was implemented as a "positive" lesson by the solar and planetary logos of the different systems where these groups exist and evolve.

But the "lack of" in the sense in which we are explaining it, and when used as a catalyst for the greater good of an entire species, is not exactly the same as it is being used on Earth and with our species to help us grow, but, as always, for just the opposite.

The implementation of the archetypes of scarcity and lack of resources as the main formula for projecting the common reality in the collective psyche since the dawn of our creation, have provided the energy framework and substrate to create a society where we always lack everything, we do not have the resources to get ahead, money and other economic forms are lacking so that a large part of the population can survive and take their lives forward, elements that provide us with stable material security are lacking, there is always a lack of what is most necessary for us to be able to breathe easy and dedicate ourselves to things that go beyond simple contexts of physical and material survival, etc.

And it is that the history and origin of this situation is complex. But it is necessary to know it.

When a society is brimming with abundance in every way, not just in the monetary sense that we know, that society has the resources to get ahead and to move forward and grow at a very fast rate. If you don't want it to be that way, you have to cut off all access to those resources. But, if the world and reality is a pure holo-quantic projection and the archetype of abundance is present everywhere; it is an energy that can be condensed from the mental to the etheric plane and from the etheric manifest in the physical in the form of tangible resources for what we need, so, how do you make the world you live in a world of scarcity and not a world where everyone has everything they need?

You must make people; themselves again, project this world of scarcity as part of their life system and as a substratum of the common and consensual reality that they emit. Therefore, just as we have a religious archetype that connects with the belief systems of the collective unconscious and makes us subconsciously believe that there are forces outside of us that direct our lives, there is also an archetype of abundance and another of scarcity that manages and imbues in our subconscious and preconscious mind, as well as in their corresponding layers of the mental body, the programs of deficiencies and lack of resources that, then, we all jointly issue with more or less intensity, so that , in the global holo-quantic projection of the collective unconscious, a "quantic hologram" of "lack of everything" is formed in a macro way, which has to be compensated in many ways on an individual level, and with the help of our guides and Higher Self, so that we can get ahead.

Combining and connecting archetypes to have everything under control

So what is the way to “get ahead” in our society? The way to do it is by striving for something, putting all your effort into getting what you need, and, if everyone needs money to live and meet their needs, consciously or unconsciously all of humanity are continually striving to get money to get ahead. Since money is the engine of the economy, we are all constantly looking for a way to generate money to meet our needs and to get our own ahead, with which we are always looking for a way to generate "economic fluid" that is then inserted to the pipes so that the RIC can light their street lamps or they can have heating in their bases.

In order to never stop the feeling of "I have to get more money," present in the subconscious programs and archetypes of all human beings, the "do something to get more resources" program is active with incredible power, much more that other programs and, through them, we are always kept in a state of unconscious anxiety if we see that we are not making ends meet, that we do not have enough resources for this or that, that we cannot buy something, etc. Everything is linked, so to speak, to the unconscious order that we have programmed to "generate more economic resources," because the RIC do not care what we do with the money, as long as it moves constantly and circulates throughout the network that we have seen.

So, what energy is it that leads us to do "whatever it takes" to achieve the above? It is the energy of "effort," which is a very powerful energy that makes us, in small or large doses, start it up every time we go to work or do something.

Thus, what the Asimoss and company did was to connect the mental archetypes of "effort" with the archetypes of "scarcity and lack of" in our collective unconscious and in our programming, so that, to overcome the lack of something, it is necessary to try harder (work more, do more things, spend more hours, etc.) and hence the saying "you will earn your bread with the sweat of your forehead."

Thanks to this interconnection, humanity strives to achieve everything to block and stop the feeling of scarcity, and puts a lot of energy to achieve the latter, that is, to obtain "something" that tells us that "we are abundant" (as when we are going to buy and receive that immediate satisfaction from the purchase, which quickly fades and we feel the need to buy something again. Momentary satisfaction is the RIC's “ok” program in our psyche for having contributed to maintaining the power flow running).

By connecting scarcity with “getting money,” it is like making a small motor (effort) move a larger motor (flee from scarcity by generating economic resources) that drives a huge motor (economic flow) that ends up in the structure of the RIC.

Thus, the summarized process would be as follows:

Programming in the psyche of scarcity and lack of resources - activates fear of not having resources to get ahead - activates programs of effort to obtain resources - resources is connected to archetype and element "money" - program of obtaining "money" - to achieve "money” we work hard and do whatever it takes to get ahead - by working economic and financial transactions are generated - by generating economic transactions economic flow is generated in the 1.3 etheric and mental plane - this energy is transmuted into energy usable by the RIC and the circle constantly starts again.​

In the next and last article in this series, we will work on some aspects to eliminate this archetype of scarcity from our psyche and replace them with those of abundance, breaking all this energy chain that we have seen and finally empowering our control over our own reality.

A hug,

David Topí

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The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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I'd guess, then, that fostering a mental archetype of 'having enough' is helpful for us?

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