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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

We had mentioned in the previous article that the global economy has a counterpart at the "etheric" and "mental" level that supports the Asimoss reality, or rather, it is the energy that serves the RIC (races in control) to be able to maintain all the systems of its society, organization, bases and cities "in progress,” in addition, obviously, of the energy that they collect from the same planet, from the energy fields of humanity, from the etheric core of the Earth, etc. However, for reasons of "movement" that we will explain, "economic" energy is one of the main "flows" that keeps everything going, and we are going to start a series of articles to better explain how it works and to understand why the economy is always acted on in every way when macro planetary changes are needed, whatever they may be.

A little introduction

In general, I think we all know that the economic flow of our society is regulated by dozens of global government authorities that keep the supervision of monetary and financial dynamics under strict control. At the national level, each country has its own central banks and regulatory bodies that ensure that the economy and the exchange of currencies, inflows and outflows of financial assets and the strength of economic systems are kept as stable as possible, within an international framework which is always in a precarious balance, since all the pieces of the system, interconnected with each other, mutually depend on each other to be able to keep the enormous global financial fabric at full capacity.

It is "globalization"

This interdependence, called “globalization” for several decades, allows us to explain to society that everything it needs depends on the existence of a few hundred links spread across the planet, in the chain that must allow obtaining any product or service, and that shows its fragility and weakness when, at some point of it, restrictions are introduced to the free economic flow that passes through it. This is something that we are already seeing clearly with this situation of the coronavirus, because, having stopped the global factory that China is for the world, all the processes of thousands of companies have been altered by a single link in the supply chain.

To make it easier for us to understand this enormous financial network, let us visualize the economic exchanges as a flow that runs through a huge pipeline that circulates through all the countries of the planet, interconnecting them all with everyone, so that this "pipeline" becomes the central lane for the circulation of energy from assets and currencies, commercial exchanges and the sale and purchase of all kinds of products and services. This intangible flow can continue to function at any time as long as there are commercial exchanges anywhere in the world. In addition, to complete the image, to this enormous pipeline we now have to add inlet pipes that, from each country, central bank or national economic system, are connected to all the means and channels of distribution of the planet's wealth and economic resources.

Smaller pipes that dump their flow into the main pipe

In addition to these central channels of each country, economic zone and region (for example from the EU zone, another huge pipeline would be connected to the global macro pipeline of the world economy, as well as the economic “pipes” of other supranational groupings of other continents), each person individually has a small connection to it through the central banking systems where they have their money and the payment and collection methods they use for their daily life.

In this way, our global economic flow has some 300 input macro-pipes that correspond to national and supranational flows, and more than 5 billion individual flows that correspond to a large part of humanity that, in one way or another, participate in the global economy through their bank accounts, commercial exchanges or the purchase of products and services related to the "globalization".

Are these pipes "real" or is it a metaphor?

They are very real and are on plane 1.3 of our energy structure (plane 1 = physical level), since the sub-plane three of each macro level on Earth is the "mental" sub-level of that stratum, so the economic "physical” flow, which makes society work, “runs” through a macro pipeline at the mental sub-level of the physical plane, that is, the 1.3, as we see in the following diagram:


Main "pipe" that carries the entire economic flow of society, in sub-plane 1.3​
Channel to economic repository​
“Mental” structure of a bank, for example​
“Mental” supra-entity structure (e.g. European Union)​
“Mental” supra-entity structure such as IMF, National Banks, World Bank, etc.​
“Mental” structure of someone's personal bank account​
Economic flows of currencies and financial exchanges at the "energy" and "mental" levels​
Banks, governments, other institutions​

A plumbing problem

In times where everything works “normally,” the flow that runs through these pipes can never be stopped, and everything possible is done and with all possible means and within the reach of the RIC and CS (control system) so that not a drop of “economic flow” is wasted. Therefore, as everyone who has had a pipe blocked at home knows, to fix it you either put some descaling product to undo the plug, or you call the plumber to completely disassemble the pipe and remove what prevents the circuit from being clear. If the plumber can't undo the plugging for good, he has no choice but to hit it, completely disassemble, or sometimes even replace a whole chunk of the drain to fix it.

Since this economic flow is vital for the functioning of the entire control system and the social structure of the RIC (later we will explain its operation at the etheric and mental levels), the economy can never be allowed to stop, it cannot be allowed that inflows and outflows be altered and no entity connected to it can be allowed to make unilateral decisions about what to do with its economic resources, as this endangers the overall stability of the system. The reason why it is necessary to stop everything from time to time will be explained later so that the real situation of these economic crises that are generated when it is necessary to make "plumbing arrangements" can be understood.

When you want to keep control of your own resources

What happens if someone, a government, a bank, or a company does not want to plug its resources into "globalization" and wants to work "locally" and as disconnected as possible from other global systems? With the previous scheme, think that at the moment when one of the "national pipes" decides to change, stop or completely block the economic flow that contributes to the system as a whole, perhaps due to social policies to benefit more the local population and less to the global fabric, then "the plumbers" (= the big companies, corporations and other "more capitalist" governments and financial surveillance institutions) are in charge of presenting economic and political measures, and in the extreme case military, to achieve that not a drop of the possible resources that flow through that national pipe to the whole of the world system is lost.

For example, if a nation decides to nationalize certain natural resources that it possesses to benefit the local economy, and not the multinationals that control them, mechanisms of internal agitation, conflicts and “social” altercations are put in place so that there is no way that foreign companies that serve global capitalism are left without the permits and contracts for the management and exploitation of these resources.

These companies, being precisely "multinational,” are connected to the "mother" pipeline, the main one in plane 1.3 at its "physical" level, which controls the globalized flow of the world economy, turning over the benefits of its exploitation of national resources in the primary channel, and leaving the national “pipe” of that country with just enough to continue contributing through their national economic systems, but without allowing isolated pockets of wealth to form that cannot be accessed from any other point of the globalized financial framework.

Debt and loans to maintain dependence on the global system

Then, since the local economy cannot subsist and grow because all its resources are in the hands of companies that do not leave profits in the same country but distribute them through their subsidiaries and banks throughout the world, that country needs external help to be able to get ahead with its population, resorting to the request of international loans, which, then, become debt, which forces the national government to inject millions in currencies in payment with high interests to the world economic flow, and with the obligation to do it constantly and without the possibility of surviving by itself isolated from the international loan system.

It comes to be something like the "cold-wallets" of cryptocurrency trading companies and systems. If you store your crypto assets on a USB that is not connected to the Internet, and therefore have all your digital savings in a medium that no one else can access, there is no way that your personal wealth is available to the world system that buys, sells, lends and plays with that virtual money deposited in our current accounts, as all the banks in the world do now. The same example would apply to those who had all their cash savings kept at home. Your financial assets, not being connected to the “global” flow, cannot be used to speculate with them or increase the intensity of the flow of the world economy because the bank invests or lends them, and only when you go to the store with the bill in hand you participate directly in that globalized economy.

But, the moment you plug your resources and savings back into the network, being "online" again, you become part of the global financial system and your personal "plumbing" returns to breathe assets into the global pipeline, which it puts them back into circulation, and on the other hand, a small part of that world wealth comes back to you in the form of wages, payments for services or any other way through which you receive an economic injection into your personal accounts that later, sooner or later, you will re-inflate the system with your purchases and payments.

A flow that cannot be stopped

Although all this may seem quite logical and understandable, what we have to realize is that the operation and sustainability of this globalized economic system depends on it never stopping, and that is why the RIC and CS always prioritize the economic management of the planet on top of everything else. It is very good that I can buy products made in Namibia or that my services can be provided in Tasmania from Barcelona, but with the condition that the economic pipeline never lowers its flow, because if the rate of transactions and currency transfers slows down, collections, payments, exchanges and sales, the whole set suffers crashes and can break.

This mechanism is so delicate that each central banking authority has to be constantly supervising and trying to maintain balance with the rest of the banking authorities in other parts of the globe, connected to other ends of the main pipeline, as a minimal percentage variation of the interest rates, money prices, how much inflation rises or falls, how much the internal debt of one country increases or how much it lends to another, cause significant alterations to the “energy” flow of the globalized structure of the economic system that humanity has mounted, and currently governs the sustainability of our civilization.

At the time when there is a decrease in the intensity and speed of economic transactions worldwide, a recession occurs that can have more or less local, more or less regional, or more or less global consequences, such as the last occurred in 2008 due to the rupture (deliberately by the CS) of one of the most important pipes in the banking system in the United States, which, to put it in some way, was filled with corrosion and “mold” for a long time and nobody wanted to repair it or do anything to prevent it from breaking, causing a leak and a chain reaction so great that once the financial structure at the national level had been completely altered, it expanded through the system to affect every national and individual pipe on the planet.

The pipes of the etheric plane and the mental plane

On the other hand, and as expected, the physical structure only works and can exist if there is an etheric structure and then a mental one above it, so to understand the economic control system in its entirety, our previous scheme is complete with two other macro pipes in each of these planes as follows:

Mental pipeline, sub-plane 3.3 with all "mental" flow of the world economy​
Mental–etheric interconnection​
Etheric pipeline, sub-plane 2.4 with all the “etheric” flow of the world economy​
Etheric-physical interconnection 1.3​
Main pipe that carries the entire economic flow of the society in the sub-plane 1.3​
Channel towards economic repository​
“Mental” structure of a bank, for example​
“Mental” supra-entity structure (e.g. European Union)​
“Mental” supra-entity structure such as IMF, National Banks, World Bank, etc.​
“Mental” structure of someone's personal bank account​
Economic flows of currencies and financial exchanges at the "energy" and "mental" levels​
Banks, governments, other institutions​

Although for simplicity of the drawing it is not shown, also banks and organizations and even personal bank accounts have their part of connection with the global etheric pipeline and the global mental pipeline, so that, although it is correct that the flow cascades from plane to plane, each organization or economic repository has “threads” and connections to the three main macro pipelines.

The mental - etheric - physical flow

So that economic flow to always circulate throughout the world system, there must be a series of steps and movements that transfer from plane to plane, and from pipe to pipe, the amount of financial fluid that corresponds to the transaction carried out.

What is the process that follows the economic flow from its beginning to its end in each payment, transaction or monetary exchange? Keeping in mind the diagram above, and simply thinking about the daily actions you take to deliver or receive money, you will realize that the circuit is more or less as follows:
  • Activation of a trigger that generates income in the 1.3 (for example the sale of a product at a physical level), generates a mental energy of “economic gain” that automatically appears mentally in the 1.3
  • This "gain" energy activates the emission of flow from the global mental pipeline to the macro etheric pipeline by the amount "earned,” and from there to your "mental" structure of the bank account (the payment order of a certain amount passes towards the processes of energy redistribution so that it manifests itself in the lower planes).
  • As payment systems make the transaction, a flow transfer occurs from the macro etheric pipeline to the bank pipeline where the virtual payment is to be deposited (the payment order is executed to or between banks).
  • And once the bank has the transaction at the "physical" level as "mental" and "etheric" (the latter is transparent to software systems), the transfer is made to the person's accounts (virtual money is entered and appears in digit form in your accounts).
Therefore, every time you pay something or receive money for something, there is always a part of the mental flow that flows from the mental pipeline to the etheric and from there to the physical-energetic pipes of your bank accounts. This flow, therefore, if you want to alter or make adjustments to it, can be regulated bi-directionally, blocked or slowed, stopping all monetary transactions, or as many as possible throughout the planet (current situation with the coronavirus by the stoppage in the world economy) or by opening enormous gaps and mental and etheric leaks of economic flow with crises planned for it (crisis of 2008 due to the rupture of the American main pipe).

In some way, the only way to make changes to an entire plumbing system is to make sure there is no water circulating through them, so the only way to make changes in the global financial framework "in depth" is to stop all economic flow of the planet as much as possible to be able to do them.

At the moment we leave it here so that these concepts are understood and integrated and we will continue in a few days with more details on the subject.

A hug,

David Topí

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The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Nov 1, 2018
What if we didn't have money that could be printed on demand? What if we had credits for volunteering and helping others or donating materials or finished goods? Then the credits would be semi-finite and simply could not be "printed" like paper money. However more credits could be created when people volunteer and do work.

That obviously wouldn't work on a large scale right now since most people are still very fear-based and would not want to change to a volunteer system. This would also put personal responsibility with the individual to do work, or produce SOMETHING, something that I'd say at least 30% of people are allergic to.


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Aug 29, 2017
why the 1.1 difference between mental etheric and physical?


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Aug 29, 2017
Activation of a trigger that generates income in the 1.3 (for example the sale of a product at a physical level), generates a mental energy of “economic gain” that automatically appears mentally in the 1.3
i must be tired or i misunderstood here something

mental is 3.3 so the activation comes in 3.3 to flow down to the 1.3 over the process?

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