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How The Collective Unconscious Works To "Read" Data In It

David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
David Topi submitted a new article.

How The Collective Unconscious Works To "Read" Data In It

We will continue closing different points of the explanations that we have given previously in the summary article of the state of the situation with the temporary timelines to finish understanding how we can access all this information. So, in the previous article we said:

When we have been able to dismantle something like what was done a few weeks ago and that we explained in this other...
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Hailstones Melt

Realized Sentience
Staff member
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.... The races and groups that assist us are looking for some kind of solution for this, but first, there has to be some kind of demonstration of humanity on line 33 that they take the situation seriously, that they want to avoid these events, that they want to take charge of what happens to them in their reality...

I had a small experience along these lines this morning, which I consider to have been a type of test, and I consider that I passed. I don't consider that I'm necessarily still attached to line 33, but this is the type of thinking (creation of thought-form) that possibly it will take to be on line 42, and stay there.

I had to throw a young man out of the house at 7am, which I could have done at 2:30am but decided to leave it until the morning, when buses would be running. The reason is, there was a direct contravention to some ground rules I set up around his visit yesterday. My daughter was naturally "ropable" that I had intervened. In pure, egoic reaction, she threw on her day clothes and said she was leaving with him. On top of that, she would skip work, and it would all be my fault. After they had left the house, I sat on the edge of my bed, wondering if I had done the right thing. I had been suitably "scary" as the protective mum, but it also annoyed me that young adults today sneak around, ignore what is plainly spelled out to them, and just go about getting their own way, but not saying anything.

Then, I remembered! (Probably as a result of immersion in some of the wisdom that comes up on this site, daily). I remembered that I create the reality I experience, by what I think, how I express that, and what I do. I remembered that my daughter reacts badly to angry thoughts or words emanating from me (even if I consider them justified). I decided to say out loud: "I forgive and release my daughter for her co-creations and manifestations that are not aligned with my version of truth and spirituality". I said that 3 times. Within 10 minutes, my daughter unexpectedly returned home. She had put him on a bus. She put on her work clothes and I drove her there, and she followed through on her shift. We had a hug, and I helped her prepare for a party event tonight. Her whole attitude had softened. She knew I was trying to protect her in the first place, and perhaps she considered my point of view for the first time. She knows she's not missing out, because she still has freedom to go to the party and enjoy herself. She reported that the boy was not impressed with me and probably wouldn't see her again. Quietly, on the inside, I smiled.

I realised that my thought-form, much less harsh and pressured, had gone out into the collective unconscious, from where it had filtered to my daughter's subconscious. She took it up, and the warp and weft of the fabric of our experienced day changed because of it.

Yes, I think I passed that test. :):-D:D

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