How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child — 'Children's Past Lives' by Carol Bowman (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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As a parent, I think it's important to understand that past life memories can appear naturally in various forms for children and should not be ignored, but explored.


In Carol Bowman's book, Children's Past Lives, she reveals overwhelming evidence of past life memories in children and that they are far more common that people realise.

Her investigation into this area originated because of her young son describing his own past life death on a Civil War battlefield, which was an account so accurate it was authenticated by an expert historian. Chase's chronic eczema and phobia of loud noises completely dissipated after the memory was explored — which is exactly how past life regression works with adults (I am a past life regressionist)

Bowman collected and complied dozens of cases and wrote this comprehensive book to explain how young children remember their past lives, spontaneously and naturally.

In this book, Children's Past Lives, Bowman explains how to distinguish between a true past life memory and a fantasy. It offers practical advice to parents on how to respond to a past life memory, and shows how to foster the spiritual and healing benefits of such experiences.

This is one of those books which is recommended by me, not just if you are a parent, or a holistic based healer, but also for anyone out there who wants to further understand our system of life, as past life memories don't just impact us when we are children; issues can arise later on in life that directly relate back to event(s) that have happened to other forms we have experienced, such as past lives on Earth.


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Jul 20, 2016
Looks like an important book to me, and I would have loved to have read it when my daughter was young.

Using my way-back machine, I recall a time when my daughter was maybe 10 and the subject of reincarnation came up. Her reply was that it made sense to her. I remember thinking "whoa, she must have a pretty good connection". I don't recall anything specific from her early life, other than she showed a wisdom way beyond her years.

When one of the neighborhood children was younger, she spoke in another language - not one that I had heard before. Her parents were very cool about it. They would say "I can't understand you when you speak that language". She would stop for a moment, like she was translating in her head, and then speak in English.


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Jul 28, 2016
My oldest son was a miner in Russia area and lost his wife during labor.

I ought to pick this book up. Thank you for sharing, Laron. I have a stack of books to read now.
Wow!!! How did you discover that, Anaeika?
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