Hillary, BTC, UFO seen by billions - Wujo 12-Oct-2016 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 21, 2016
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Here is a 18 min "wujo" video report from Clif posted to his YouTube channel on 12-Oct (filmed 11-Oct) where he discusses temporal markers that are indicative of the coming weekend which kicks off some significant changes that have been in the webbot data for some time. Lots of discussion on more attention on Hillary's health, bit coin, and much about a major UFO sighting seen by billions. The introductory remarks on YouTube state:

Is this that weekend? The weekend that was forecast to 'start it all off' with fractured politics and degraded fiat currencies and Bitcoin on a running sprint?
halfpasthuman.com for the ALTA report with the details.

Here is the link to YouTube:
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