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Highest Levels of Empathy Confused for Hypersensitivity

KarlaSM submitted a new article
How many people in this world identify themselves as empaths? In one way or another every single individual holds the capacity to be an empath, independently of their set of beliefs, soul age, the way in which they exert their spirituality, or in which way they are connected to the material reality.

Throughout the course of our life...
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For those that missed this, this is a new article by our old forum friend Karla who recently got in touch with me.

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This was the sweetest read for me in a long time, Karla. Your obvious mastery of the subject is both astounding and encouraging. Pain is not a subject the average human likes to dwell upon, but your mastery shows you have both transformed and transmuted it - a very high level of achievement. Bless.

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