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Jul 20, 2016
He begins with the idea of devolution - the truth about structures, organizations, governmental departments are coming to light and falling apart. Lots going on in this video, and I grouped it by topics.

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) works to protect the food and drug industries and not the people. Same for the CDC.

With the quick and secret approval of the Pfizer Vax, the stage is set for mandatory vaxes; however, as the federal government cannot issue the mandate, they are turning to employers to make it happen. In many places people may well have to fight to not take it.

Devolution is a process that involves the people rising up and fighting back - has to start with the people and not a leader. It is the process of the military and population working together against the captured government, which leads to its collapse. No one is coming to save you - you are part of the operation. However, people have to wake up and see that the government is captured.

This is what we are seeing now. Bidan and Harris know they were not elected by the majority and are trying to push things along as fast as they can. The world sees them as incompetent idiots. If Trump does not grasp the truth of the virus and vax program, then we will have to leave him behind.

The population is comprised of people with many interests but most can be grouped into categories. Many aspects of the government are now affecting these categories - health, sports, military, etc. Audits coming out, which will degrade the resident's and vice-resident's standing in this and other countries. More info coming out through September, which ramps up emotional tension even more. So be prepared also don't do stupid things and win stupid prizes.

As we move into fall with less sunlight and worsening weather, be aware that with less Vitamin D, immune systems will decline, and people who are compromised with the vax will suffer more severe reactions to the wild virus or even the common flu.

Deep State is fighting for its life - banking system crashing and petro-dollar floundering - must have a great reduction in population, hence the push for the vax that likely will kill off many people.

People continue to flip-flop on what they want to do about the vaxx because nothing appears to be happening - no news about deaths, etc. Looking at the older patents, there are 17 different versions of the virus. People with healthy immune systems and adequate Vitamin D can withstand any of the variants, while people with the vax cannot because their immune systems are compromised, and become more sensitive to covid over time. Whisper campaigns at Moderna and Pfizer to not take any vax. Also, they are not mandating their employees take it.

Did the people involved in the devolution plan know the vax die-off would happen? Probably not or maybe in a general way that did not become obvious until now. Perhaps they are involved in the sabotage that we've heard about - or perhaps doctors and clinics are fluffing up the numbers of vaxes because it makes them look good.

There is a charge building up that will result in a noticeable event sometime between now and end of September. It will be too big to ignore and is a part of the universe conditions of shifting people into another age. The Schumann Resonances show the continuing waves coming to the planet.

Insurance industry reporting shows so far this year that we are at 40-year high for vehicle accidents and a 60-year high for industrial accidents. (I can attest to very poor driving in my area - breath-taking poor judgement.

The idea of holding your woo is to hold out - make your plans - but hold out until whatever date the governments or employers give and make them go through with it. Companies still need a certain level of workforce, so hold out and see what happens. At the same time, plan ahead with other employment or income generation.

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