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Hello Everyone,
It's exciting to find an active forum with an OBE section and not just an astral travel section where conscious OBE isn't understood.

When I was a child I wanted very much to be an astronaut but that was out being a girl and there were so few positions available even for the fittest, smartest, most fast tracked men.
Happily all these years later Remote Viewing has advanced to out of body travel and the Cosmos is finally mine to trek about in! Ethernaut!!
Where there's a will there's a way!

I travel about once a week now, mostly with others, where we make a group field and all travel together going to a predetermined place. After arriving back we all sketch up what we saw and compare sketches - it's truly remarkable and validating to see others seeing the same thing but from a slightly different vantage point or elevation.
If I can get permission from the group I might post some sketches here if that's of interest to other OBE'er?
Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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Jul 20, 2016
Please do share your pictures. There are several people here who have OBEs. Even my dogs have come with me to some of our group meditations. I know this because others have reported interacting with them. We were doing some RV exercises for a bit, and quite a few people were actively involved.
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Aug 12, 2016
Yes, we should do another RV session too. I've also been involved in them elsewhere.

When will be another one? Unfortunately Ben is not here too often. Hope he comes back and we could have another go at it one day. (I'm not really good at that, btw).

I like these validations kind of stuff and even did a small collections of evidence gathering years ago. Here's the thread on it in this forum:


Please post of your experiences with RV and OBE validations. Looking forward to it. :)
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