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Do we need to introduce healing meditations for Animals

  • yes

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • No

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  • From time to time

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I had a message from the Sirian Guides of The Light today, few minutes ago that brought so much tears in my eyes. I am really sad of what is happening on Earth about Lions' hunting and the humiliation they are living for years now. Here is the message I posted also on my FB pages and shared with you.

August 3, 2016
New Moon Channelling The Gate of The Lion
Had my crown aching this morning and this is the message which came when I let the words come into me. I am really sending lights and orbs of protection and love to these creatures,
with all my love...

" You are a fiery soul and you are here to discover what we have for you,
Your heart is expanding and your healing is Magical;
We are healing so many of you, many light workers are now receiving this golden crystalline energy so that the world on Gaia can be a better place, to keep up the Pace.
You are much more than ever conscious of these abilities which were like little seeds dormant in your DNA, your cells are transforming your path.
Take what is needed and helpful, you will always be guided as you are Now.

The Lion is a Sirian Spirit of Love and Reconnects you to who you really are, you are growing wiser and your soul is receiving so much of its energy Now.
The Gate is open wide, a magnificent world of Wisdom and Light is there, you can see cubes, spheres and triangles of Light Energy flowing, floating as they are entering your bodies, your energetic bodies in a very effective way Now, transforming you from the inside out, helping your Crown Chakra to expand with your Heart.
Green, Golden, Purple and red spheres and triangles and cubes are surrounding you,
Green, purple and golden flames entering you from the angelic realms.
You are taken in anew field of Light and you are glowing like a flame in the dark.
The light is within you
To enter this realm, take deep breaths and let the Magic of transformation BE.
Lions are here on Earth as volunteers like many other beings
We are helping with this energy so that they can regain their sovereignty and be free, Free souls of the upper worlds, here to learn.
They are sending mental messages to humans for protection as this world is changing.
Breathe the peace they send and send peace toward them
Bringing light in your hearts".


I was sending much healing toward these wonderful creatures and would like to send as much and as many times that I can. Would like also to integrate in our week-end healing sessions the Protection for the Lions for the coming week end and the next ones as we did for dolphins.
But this is not for only one time, I would really like us to be much more conscious of this mission we have to protect the Animal Kingdom on Earth now in our group or personal meditations and giving feed backs of what comes with it in the stream of consciousness. This Channelling can be a guided meditation for those who on a personal level want to share it with me and meditate for the benefit of everyone here on Gaia. Thank you. Love and Light to you
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Jul 31, 2016
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Looks like a tie. I definetely say yes. There is no time to time with the lions gate so I chose yes! :) I have SUCH a connection with animals it is so incredible. I noticed when the dogs or cats are near me they all like to sleep near my base chakra area or my hands and they always 100% of the time pass out. We have like 10 animals IN the house and they are All always on me asleep or wanting to be heldasleep for energy healing it seems they pick up on it veeerry well! I just love animals, how can a person not love them lol. I will definitely be sending to animals during the lions gate :)
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I spent my night on Sirius with my felines. As I was preparing my ATTUNEMENT to The Tiger, I saw a big Lion coming my way, he took me in a very special place where I received his energy.
Then during My sleep my Black Panther joined and my Tiger with their babies.

This morning My hands are burning with an intense fire
And This Is The message I received
I feel this year The Lion's Gate Is really a world of Magic and power
That kind of energy I have never Been blessed with Before
We are stepping to a new dimension

"We are standing here on a magnificent Gate of wanders /wonders
Leave the world you are no more aligned with /to
The fire of The Felins Is Now activated in Sirius / Pleiades / arcturius and you notice It in Your hands Your heart chakra in Your energetic Holly Spirit and bodies
The fire Is Now burning harder and in you but you Know It Is part if This process
You are burning The old opening new Gates of best opportunities in Your Life and wondeful changing coming at a very deeper level
You are shifting and you Know a magical world Is showing up in YOU
Trust Your instinct Lion
You have The Wisdom inside to breathe and exhale The divine Light into This new dimension of Light activation
Around you a world of Felins Is growing and you see them around you giving you Strenght, Love, magnitude, magnificent beings of The Sirian energy and dimension
This Light Is Golden and warm be There as You are and The Healing Will happen
Be that Golden Light of Love and Healing Will happen
The Earth Is Now receiving This energy of The Golden Gate of The Lion and It Is not only that
as Lion Is The symbol of all Felins, all The Felins of Sirius,
He Is The higher Spirit of This Gate
WE want you to be open to This huge energy of Compassion WE are sending now for Love Blessings and Protection,

Be The Light You are
BREATHE The Love You are
You are Light workers of a multidimensionnal shape and soul
BREATHE The Sirian frequency On Gaia now
We are sending From our center of Wisdom and Love to Your center of energy
In You "
The Sirian & Pleiadian Emissaries of Light From The Lion Gate in Sirius.

I am now taking notes of all the other messages am receiving today as I was sent another time lately at 12:00 pm. Will post them later.

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