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Jul 19, 2016
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This is something I made for Facebook a few days ago, but which I wanted to share because of it's importance to parenting, but also in relation to healing.

One way to explain this, is that our behavior towards our children is heavily dependent upon what occurred to us earlier on in life, and that repeats itself through generations. But if we have done the work, we can improve our behavior; the working being inner child, shadow self and general emotional trauma/links from this life and previous lives.

We can also go beyond just doing that, by addressing our ego, so beginning to reflect back on our experiences during each day, and identifying the emotional response, which can lead to pinpointing elements of our ego that need the work so that we can begin to no longer let it control us, and act and react as much as we can from the heart space instead (which also improves our intuition and opens up a stronger connection to higher self).
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Jul 20, 2016
Before my daughter was born, I studied special education and worked as a teacher. I became aware of the situations from my childhood in a new light, dropping some behaviors and embracing others. Now, on the other end of parenting, my daughter thinks of many times with great fondness. She told me of a conversation with my mother, who said she admired the relationship we have. My mom went on to say she and I did not, and it was because of her.

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