Healing energy dome appears, possibly Ireland (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2018
From @kabamur_Taygeta on https://twitter.com/Kabamur_Taygeta

A healing energy dome appears.
And some messages from @kabamur_taygeta. I could not find #1.

2. Humans Have Always Needed Another Or Others To Come And Save Them From Themselves!

You Are Living In Perilous Times Indeed And Many Cry Out To God For Help!

3. Many Perceive That God Is In Another Place And Your Human Mind Must Call Out To This Perceived Male Figure That Perhaps Will Answer If You Call Enough!

We Offer You The Truth That God Is Everything!

Every Fiber Of Your Being And Each Space Between The Cells Is God!

4. All Of Nature, The Trees And Ground! The Air You Breath And The Ground Beneath You Is God!

So In These Moments Of Perceived Chaos, Go Within And Remember The Words Of Jesus When He Spoke, 'Do You Not Know You Are All Gods?'

5. The Sacred Life That You Are Is Speaking To You Each Moment!

You Are Whole And Complete! You Are Sacred Love!

At Your Creation Moment In Another Level Of Consciousness, In A Very High Density (Vibrational Frequency), You Were Born As An Aspect Of God!

6. In That Sacred Moment You Knew This!

You Remain Perfect NOW.

Many Have Simply Forgotten As They Have Traveled The Multiverses And Lived Challenging Stories Of Love And Loss, Of New Technology In One Story Which Was Mastered In Another!

7. You Are ONE, Living As Many!

Your Soul Is Individual But The Essence Of God Is The Same!

You Have Arrived In This Dream With So Many Of Your Friends And Family, Now Playing Roles And Holding Mirrors For Your Growth And Expansion!

8. Now When You Look Toward The Skies, We Remind You That We Are There In Many Places, Yet It Is Not To Save You!

The Reason For Our Presence Is To Guide You Home!

For Soon You Will Remember Everything!

9. You Will Understand That All Happening On Your Planet Is Working For You And Not Against You!

For Everything Must Unfold To Completion And There Is Nothing You Must Do But Be The Love That You Truly Are!

10. Stop Looking To Another To Fill Something Inside You That Only You Can Do!

For Soon We Rise As One In Sacred Light!

I Love You So!


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