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I want to share a difficult case I am working on at this time. I will report the progress.

Unfortunately my mom has been very sick of postherpetic neuralgia. After going through extreme stressful situations last year and a lot of accumulated stress my mom's immune system became very weak over time and her lungs and spine have been also affected, although not by the same condition.

I was reading a little bit about the way the virus affects the neural system and the ganglia and how acupuncture can help with the resulting neuralgia that can become chronic and incapacitating. Acupuncture gave me some ideas as to how to give an energy treatment.

I pray that the treatment that I am giving to her is not too long, being that a neuralgia of such kind can last up to one year and the individual can suffer greatly.

So far though, this is what I am currently doing and it seems to help a lot:

Using a crystal I dowse the points that are affected not only physically but also etherically and by allowing spirit to guide me in the location of such points, I place the point of the crystal and allow the energy to flow.

When needed, I tap into the problems that affect the area and I find traumas related to previous situations, allowing for the fragments of her soul to be retrieved and placed in the affected areas.

Today in particular, some guides including my soul sister in spirit form and aspects of Jesus came to give a helping hand. It seems that this specific condition affects mostly the left side of the face, left arm, left part of the torso, neck and in other cases it can affect the abdomen and legs. I notice this patterns often in many people including myself. For some reason the left side of the body is often affected by disharmonious physical conditions.

Something that Jesus was showing to me was that based on the diagram of neural pathways and ganglia, while placing the crystal, I could visualize the spots where the rash appeared, the ganglia inside and the nerves affected, they looked bright red, and going above the body, I could see spots that needed golden light within the auric field. By moving the energy through these nerves and broken areas of the aura she could feel a lot of relief.

You can see then that certain energetic treatments can be combined with soul retrieval techniques, tools like crystals and additional guidance from skilled master beings.


Thank you my bro, no worries!! Omg here comes the next session:

Today Jesus said that I could work now on focusing on the meridians. So I could see that some of the meridians were blocked by black energies. With the aid of the crystal and visualization, I intended the energy to move through the meridians removing the blocks.

Naturally since there is a strong connection between us I also received a lot of healing, and for a moment even felt a very strong shot of energy moving through my own areas that are damaged.

Some of the meridians had red energy that was transformed into green, white and golden energies.

In like 5 minutes my mom was already feeling a great difference, no more pain and her neural pathways became relaxed. My own mind became very clear, I had no thoughts and all felt peaceful.

She fell asleep fast and was even dreaming something lol.

Awesome stuff for sure. :)


Continuing with the sessions, there is more to share:

Oh dear, it's really interesting how we have thought that the starseed concept only and exclusively applies to souls who feel that they do not belong to Earth or that they are following a spiritual path or that they recall things and feel drawn to the stars. Over the years I have come to realize that perhaps 100% of Earth's population is starseed unlike what a lot of people say. It is just that many people recall their origins in different ways and some are just not yet meant to remember. Notice how more and more people are becoming aware of such off-world origins.

So when it comes to my own parents, I was able to see that they have ET aspects and in the case of my father, he never had any interest in religion or ETs, and he has a very difficult personality. In the case of my mom, she had at some point an interest in UFO's but for some reasons she lost that interest and has been very skeptic about lots of topics that are of interest to those who can recall something or feel drawn to such topics.

In the last two sessions, besides some parts of her soul that were coming back to her, including parts of her youth and her childhood, there was a very beautiful female reptilian aspect. I cannot even describe in words the beauty of such aspect, and there was also a reptilian aspect near of my father. I instantly recognized her aspect as belonging to her. It is hard to describe in words how I can identify which aspects belong to who, but it is related to soul vibration or energy signature but also specific physical traits and gestures of the beings that come forth.

For example, in the case of the reptilian aspect of my mom, she was wearing a very beautiful shiny dress, part of it covering her head, and some jewelry. She made some particular movements with her hands that was part of the instant recognition, also something about her face was as familiar as her human face. She has also some bird and elemental ones.

As soon as the reptilian aspect was integrated, her usual pain stopped and she was able to sleep well.

I wonder how many sessions she will need, it is said that PHN can last between 1 to one whole year, depending on the case and mostly it is difficult to heal when the individual is past their 60's. My mom is almost 70 already.

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