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Has a specific ET energy or home world impacted your life?

I want to share at this time a personal experience that is changing my life in many ways, after integrating a specific ET aspect or aspects, so that you can share your own personal experiences.

For a long time I have been integrating diverse ET energies from other selves in other home worlds outside of Earth. However, my experience had been until now one in which these energies became dormant or not fully complete and my focus is to try to find a place here on Earth to be able to manifest my dreams and somehow express these integrated energies. I felt lonely at a level, like so many people, feeling a vague sense of home here on Earth and not particularly connected to a specific Cosmic space or time.

A few months ago I had an intense experience in which I was able to recall some details of a golden planet, a capital in the vicinity of Alcyone A, the brightest of all the Alcyonian stars within the Pleiades. Since then, in spite of some challenging situations in this temporary place where I reside, it is becoming more evident that this particular Galactic station is bringing a new sense of inner balance and a joy that is starting to flourish in my heart. The memory is not yet coming fully to my awareness in the form of scenes, but the energies feel so tangible and something that my heart wants to see manifested on Earth.

This year in particular, I feel like the Alcyonian energies are becoming much more activated on Earth , especially in the large worldly capitals.

For the first time I feel that this particular golden planet feels more like home to me, unlike other places in our Cosmic tapestry.

The energies of my aspect Damarelya (which is the Alcyonian name I am now integrating in my work) are now guiding me to continue my life mission with more passion, which includes all the articles that I will share, a future site and the series of books that slowly are becoming condensed in written format and in the form of channeled drawings. Additionally, it is helping me become much more focused on the next steps of my career in some other place.

Have you felt identified with a particular race of beings or star system? If this is the case, in which ways do you feel you manifest these energies in your current life?


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Have you felt identified with a particular race of beings or star system?
Tall Greys.
If this is the case, in which ways do you feel you manifest these energies in your current life?
Being an introvert (almost but not quite aspergers) in this life. It fits their pattern more than e.g. a reptilian vivacious temperament of which I am very far from in my being.
I also 'manifested' a meeting with them (wrote about it here) on a higher astral plane. They were not the robotic ones. They were actually shining tall Whites. Apart from a blue-skinned race acting as guides (not sure if 'alien' at all) the only race I met.
There are many fractions and kinds of this 'grey' race. I believe them to be the seeders of worlds. I don't know what is my connection and if I was once one of them or am just observed and/or have a kind of research 'contract' for this Earth life with them. But some connection is there. There are other hints too. Also, I was told I have to do with DNA (genetic manipulation?), so maybe it has to do with planet / galaxy seeding and (race) developing, too. Maybe I'm on a field trip here on Earth right now. ;) (Seems we are not doing too well with humankind so far...).


Thank you for sharing Sinera. I had read before about Tall white Greys, some people mentioned they are of Arcturian origin, but I suspect there are many kinds of tall white greys. I have only seen a particular race of not so tall white grey ones without nose, very benign.


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I've been told during a reading once my home world is one of the stars in Alpha Centauri. Outside of that I know little more about me or that star system. Or for that matter what I would look like there.


Interesting, I'll write an article about Alpha Centaurians, as part of a series I'm working on. For now, what I get about them is that, after the Lyran-Draco wars, some Lyrans and some Dracos found homes there, as part of a larger immigration movement. They were able to coexist together but according to other sources some reptilians established bases there, so part of the development took place during the wars.

Some people are reptilian for sure, while others have more horse-like traits, along with other humanoid species. High tech, especially building ships and some A.I. for either military or household purposes. The energies there feel to me a bit similar to what you would see in the latest episodes released from the Star War series. I get arid lands and woods.

If someone else wants to know something about species or home worlds I can ask.


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the only hint i am was from the mayan dreamspell signature as starseed if it get it right i can also have a connection to the pleiades but i have no evidence i can write

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