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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
This was written last night .(30th here)

Tonight in the Southern Hemisphere is the eve of Samhain and when we begin the celebrations in my country , the witches New Year, when the veil between the dead and the living is thinnest.
Here in the South it is celebrated tonight and tomorrow 1st May which is well into Autumn here getting ready for the winter months.
In the Northern hemisphere its almost Beltane celebrations beginning which is the time to celebrate spring at its peak, and the coming summer. Beltane also sometimes goes by the name May Day, which strangely is what my mother used to celebrate here in NZ as May day even though the seasons didnt fit but it was an English tradition of her family.
So Happy Beltane to those in the North and Happy Samhain to all in this hemisphere with me.
This is on the eve of the New Moon Taurus partial eclipse which I will not see in this country as it is exact at 8 42 AM although the Sun will be well up so I will be having a look just in case.

Today is when Pluto is at station to Rx so tomorrow he will be starting to move and I am expecting some quite intense energies for the New Moon new beginning for us all and especially for Taureans.

There is bound to be a twist of some kind for many of us and lets hope it’s a good one with some gifts of love or money or something that adds to our collective security .
The unexpected could come in the form of news as Mercury is now in Gemini and really at home there, getting ready to net work far and wide spreading information we may not have expected to hear. Geminis will be at their best during this time ahead although it could all be a bit much at times, but they have the Rx to calm them down for a while and catch up with themselves.

Pallas has moved into Taurus today so it will be a New Moon of discussions on a world scale or soon after.

Imagine a panel of people sitting around talking about the banking system , food shortages and what to do about them, talking of the value of Gold and silver and other precious metals, and more housing for those who cant afford to buy their own homes and all other important Taurean matters.

How nice if those of us who cant afford it could all be given our own portion of land in the world to pay off as we can and when we can and where we can grow our own vegetables…
In the coming 3 months or so Pallas will be doing her bit to improve the world financial situation with her mediating and networking skills, influencing world leaders and those who are in charge of world finances to help provide a system that works for everyone. If anyone can do it Pallas can and without blood shed. We can only hope.
Taurean people will benefit with Pallas in their sign.

Tomorrow on the New Moon Venus and Jupiter at 28 Pisces will conjunct bringing us some more positivity, optimism, motivation and hopefully celebration. Connections between these two benefics are always welcome and I believe that are a truly auspicious start to the month ahead as Venus rules this eclipse and is in a very happy mood tomorrow.

So Happy New Moon in advance Taureans, and for Scorpio Happy relationship New Moon.
For both signs it should be a month to remember with the eclipses in your signs which will bring a great transformation to both signs and also to our world.

Both signs are about our very foundations, the basics of life and how we live it.

Like Sahmain this brings the world of the living and those in the heaven world very close indeed and is the best time to celebrate that.

Anything that happens from this point and throughout the month is of utmost importance to our futures individually and collectively, including the people we meet.
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