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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Happy New Year, 2021, everyone in the world, including those who are not of earth as I think its only fair you should now be acknowledged, as we are after all now in the age of Aquarius so its time to recognise the presence of all life forms especially those who are much more used to accessing other dimensional realities to our 3rd, as we humans need all the help we can get at this time of transition.

I had an insight that due to our recent shift into the energy of the New age thanks to Saturn and Jupiter taking us there, now that our dimensional levels have risen higher, there will be more light shining from our collective inner creator energy throughout this earth, so the remaining darkness will be flooded with light and not stick around for long.

For the New Year, I wish for we people of the world to exercise more free will and self awareness and take MUCH more responsibility for our own health with healthy food and diet and yes vitamins too, especially those that enhance our immune systems and rather than merely wish good health onto people as I have noticed many doing(and there is nothing wrong with that), to try and create good health with our own actions and by our example to others and rather wish for others to believe in their own spirit and physical bodies much more insofar as being able to battle any virus manmade or not, as we were made to do.

We have had the capacity to battle illness from the day we were born, some moreso than others depending on habits and lifestyle and background etc.

People choose to live or die, this is my belief. It is not a random thing. On some level we always choose our path and if some of this includes what NOT to do then so be it.

Humans have a great talent for weakening their bodies with many different substances through ignorance or deliberately to cover emotional pain.

I wish for this year that people become more aware of their own plan that they made before they were born and stop blaming the rest of the world for their health or their ill fortune, as this is something we chose to experience ourselves before we were born, for our own evolvement.

I wish for people this year to become more aware of the workings of their own inner soul and focus more on being kind to each other even if they do not agree on things. .
We may not always LIKE someone as others will always push our buttons but we can LOVE others in an unconditional way on another level.
We do not have to associate with those who are negative and blame and hate, but we can send love their way to help them back to the light.
I hope this will be easier for us all to do this year.

Most of all I wish for you all to love and respect yourselves more than you ever have before and to enjoy your lives in the moment.
I wish the same for myself.

For the first time I will write about Black moon Lilith. The reason I haven’t before is that this is not a planet, but rather a mathematical point between the Earth and the Moon, a geometric point in the sky that marks the furthest point of the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Black Moon Lilith represents the rising of feminine consciousness, out of repression and into a state of fullness.
She is said to indicate sexual power, healing, instinctual urges, equality, and transcendence.
She represents the forgotten qualities of the feminine that have been shunned by the patriarchy, which is a reason to write about her now as we have left behind the patriarchal energies so very emphasised with Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn for the last 3 years plus the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn until July 2020, bringing focus to the same, and marking a time to move away from this energy to a place of more awareness of the need for equality on all levels and less “rules”, and learn how to use our own inner authority in healthy ways.

In Babylonian mythology, Lilith was a handmaiden to the goddess Innana and was known for her wild sexuality and promiscuous ways.

She is at present conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus. I have no planets near this degree but technically anyone that does, or anyone that needs to, can use this energy to cut any chains that bind you in ways where you have felt bound, locked, and restricted.
This is a time to rise up and say “no more.”

Taurean and Aquarian type people may understand this the most at this time but it could apply to any of us.

Today Mercury in Capricorn where s/he is quite serious in outlook and wanting to do the right thing is sextile to the more flowing Neptune in Pisces so this is a very good combination or left and right brain to blend our imagination/creativity and intuition with our more critical or analytical abilities.

Pisceans and the Mercurial signs of Gemini and Virgo should be right at home with this.

Tomorrow the planets are quite harmonious with a lovely trine of Mercury to Vesta in Virgo which is a strengthening aspect on all levels when it comes to expressing our inner awareness to others in ways that can be understood and appreciated without being overbearing.

The Sun in Capricorn is sextile Ceres in Pisces, another earth/water aspect, a reminder to love one another and enjoy each others company, no matter what age or gender.

And just a reminder that on the 6th of January Mercury comes back from out of bounds, so extreme thinking and ideas morph back to reality and the practical once more, so what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears will have more sensible impact, and in the days following, especially as Mars is about to leave his own fiery sign for the first time since June and enter the earth sign of Taurus on the 7th Jan.
This will begin a 6 weeks period of building onto all those strong Arian ideas in practical grounding ways for all of us.

The Disseminating Moon phase is beginning as the Moon enters Virgo. This is a time for sharing information and imparting our awareness to those who are receptive.

This painting, called Lady Lilith was done in 1867 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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Feb 11, 2020
This was lovely! Thank you.
One question (if I may): If Lilith is at 6 degrees Taurus, how near is near? I have Venus at 12 degrees Taurus. Is that near?
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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
This was lovely! Thank you.
One question (if I may): If Lilith is at 6 degrees Taurus, how near is near? I have Venus at 12 degrees Taurus. Is that near?
By this time you will be able to tell me as you would have noticed the energies as I described. If I was doing a reading for you I would not have included it but then I dont use Lilith anyway and not being a planet its a fleeting influence. If you have major things happening in this direction it will show in your other transits of Uranus and/or Pluto as it would be similar energy but much longer lasting.

I post these articles not so much for personal forecasting but for people to learn the meanings of the planets and points, signs etc and astrology in general.
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Jul 26, 2016
Vayuna, via Switzerland
thank you so much for the astrological insight!

about the well-wishing i just want to say, that lately, i have been noticing as well that people have so readily incorporated this attitude of wishing others to be safe and to stay healthy, as a kind of expected platitude since this scamdemic has started... it speaks to me of people instilling and perpetuating fear around wellbeing and this downcast powerless vibe like they are completely at the mercy of some outer particle that might be caught, without taking any responsibility for their own health. whenever i dont respond to these platitudes or just wish them well the "usual" way, i get nasty looks just for keeping my own attitude of self-responsibility and not buying into this collective fearmongering.

so... thanks for your vision and the wishes, and may you too find an ever deepening sense of self-love and self-respect
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