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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Eris and rebirth.jpg

This day is for all of us when blessings rain from the spirit world and even though this may not be readily apparent to you just now it will be in time, and for many there have already been wondrous gifts.

Also remember, SOME THINGS are a blessing in disguise! I have also seen this happening for some people in the last days.

This aspect is happening at 24 degrees Pisces and is now passed its peak.
Look in your birth chart to see where this falls, both in your solar and natal chart to see where miracles, spiritual gifts or enlightenment will happen.

The Sabian symbol for this one is “The purging of the priesthood”. (we always take the following degree).

This is about a need globally to re-examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It states it is easy to lose sight of the ideal in the sense of outcome, for our expectations of our spiritual or religious systems especially if we enforce ideas or beliefs that have led people or even those in power, down trhe wrong path. This is about rationalising intellect, ego and emotive passion. Periodically, there is a need to cleanse and purify motives, leading to a better representation of spiritual values. It is definitely about getting rid of people or strict beliefs or systems that hold us back from truly achieving the spiritual goals that benefit people and the planet the most .

This asks the question “who is in charge of our beliefs and spiritual needs ?” there is only one answer. “We are, as individual living humans walking this planet” being mindful on our path and “doing no harm” to others to the best of our ability.

Two days ago Mercury moved into Taurus until the end of the month, bringing us down to earth a little in our thinking after the busy period of Aries activity with our mental processes, lots of talking, thinking and planning , perhaps being more impatient than usual for action for some of us .
Now we can all slow down a bit and think things through more in practical ways that don’t threaten our security levels or make us overly anxious.

Taurean types however will have their thinking caps on now and be coming up with all sorts of wondrous ideas for designing, landscaping , gardens or home or food in general, building new homes or thinking of how they can spend their money, or whether they should.

Gemini and Virgo types will be happier within themselves and not feel so rushed or panicky about whatever is happening in their lives, health, education , communication in general.

Today we have a very stable, structured Sun sextile Saturn Aries to Aquarius 23 degrees, helping with the more grounding and practical side of our lives which is a good thing as Neptune/Jupiter is tending to raise our levels of consciousness so much we are almost levitating!

So this is a good balance for the more every day matters that could need attention and it’s definitely positive for those of us that have been seeking more security in life financially or otherwise. It’s a lucky day in many different ways.

Two lovely noviles add to the mix from Mercury to both Jupiter and Neptune which are aspects of 40 degrees having the effect of completing and helping us initiate our experiences into a different dimensional reality.

Pisceans, Sagittarians, Geminis and Virgos, as well as Taureans will especially appreciate todays energies but really, they are global and I have high hopes for advances for all of us from this point as we go forward, entering a new era in our personal lives but also with regard to the planet and all beings on it.

I will mention that tomorrow the Sun will conjunct Eris and in fact we are in the better part of that energy now and this could lead to a major world power or leader making a big push for action and change in regard to unity that we all crave so much for this planet and people.

Eris will push hard for this, causing possibly retaliation but if this aspect is tuned in with Jupiter/Neptune then we have every reason to believe we are now on a new path and from this point many changes will begin to happen in the blink of an eye.

Who is ERIS on the world scene I wonder and who is the Sun or is it all part of the same?

Eris wants unity of all living beings and to attain that she WILL go to war if necessary. But her ultimate aim is world peace.
This happens at 24 degrees Aries. And the Sabian symbol is, (using the following symbol as we always do) “Double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings” .

Its about promises that were made and realising that its not so easy to keep those promises as they can get very complicated, as the logic and the emotions can be in conflict, however, they need not be mutually exclusive as it depends on how we view them.

This is about choices that arise from the heart and of social obligation. This is suggesting that someone probably a world leader or more than one has gone against a former promise and will be called to account as on the negative this would indicate fickleness, insincerity and two-facedness.

On the other hand that which has been more recently “promised “ could reveal something that we had not expected that could be highly beneficial.

And all this just before Mars enters Pisces which is a more peaceful setting for this period ahead and entirely supporting the Jupiter/Neptune energies.

We are now at the start of the Gibbous Moon , the last before the Libra Full Moon which we are in the energy of right now. (Libra is one of the political signs in fact ).

This is a time for organizing, integrating, and planning, analysing and perfecting . A time for making finishing touches, in preparation for exposure to maximum light.
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