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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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This is one of those “me, I , myself " moments for Aries when you feel yourself fired up for change and are determined to make it happen no matter what, while at the same time feeling the effects of your ruling planet being in your opposite sign.

We only get one Full Moon for our sign each year, and this one is specifically for Aries. Its things that matter most to you. It’s the time you will feel a shift in energies even if that shift is out of your control. This is when you will find that anything that inhibits you will ease up, after this Moon has passed so you can attain those goals that you may have kept to yourself lately.

This full moon motivates you to action to put yourself first, which Aries is fairly good at anyway but since Mars moved into your opposite sign of Libra at the end of August this hasn’t been so easy as Mars in Libra is more or less forced to work in a team even if he resents it. It works best if you have a leadership role at least but it will be inhibited at this time by the needs of others , like a contract is involved, or there is a certain political pecking order.

Its good practice though for what's to come as being part of a team helps us understand more about the people who could become allies later or enemies.
Mars in Libra is a bit like being in the enemy camp.

Librans also will feel some of this energy as Mars gives them a little more push and shove but at the same time this could be causing some ups and downs, having to deal with strong, competitive people, having to work with the enemy almost for some.

A lot of debates, a lot of minds being changed fits Mars in Libra.

I do think the Libran scales could be tilting back and forth at this time .

But the Sun is with Librans so this is naturally empowering for them. Being patient is important at this powerful Moon time.

This is especially so for certain politicians that have the passion and fighting spirit to achieve their goals. It has never been as important in a global sense for the world to get it right this time.

This eclipse coming is the beginning of a great political war that carries through to April next year.,

As for Aries they will be ready to make the most of their power when Mars moves into Scorpio on the 12th Oct, so you will have all the strength and passion to do so by that time.

Bear in mind that the 12th is just before the annular Ring of Fire eclipse in Libra on the 14th/ 15th Oct, your opposite sign so its going to bring a lot of unusual happenings for the world around that time for Arians/Librans, especially those born when the Sun is around 21 degrees of either sign.

The 21 degrees is important for anyone in fact, and as with any eclipse it IS global and things will happen in unexpected ways at this time especially politically. I know there are important elections on my side of the world around this time in Aust and NZ.

In the meantime no matter what the conflicts for Aries, Librans or any of us, be patient with yourself and others if possible as the energies are a little out of sync but embrace your independence and strong fiery spirit, realise you may need to hold off on the really big moves for a little longer but that you have all you need to begin anew, and to conquer any adversity in your path.

This is a time to rediscover ourselves and stand up for what we believe in, trust our instincts and move into a new future with a courage and drive we may not have felt for some time.
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