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Hanging in Parallel Worlds

We are surrounded by many parallel worlds and realms with amazing people from there too.
Those worlds are now colliding and became more accessible than ever before.

How can this be ? And why ?

It is not that they were hidden to us, it’s because our consciousness is a quantum reality that expands with the natural expansion of our universe .
We receive more and more information from the multi universe which is located under our universe.
The multi-universe is made of dark matter that is always entering our universe via black wholes and vortexes. Their purpose is to receive old information and to restaure it, evacuate some of it that is no more important, and reestablish a new one with new energies !
Some Physicists and astronauts call those vortexes the brain of God.
The more the information is restored and refined inside these giant wholes, the more changes happen in the quantum field.
And the more we expand as consciousness.

We receive these upgrades very often and unconsciously most of the time, and sometimes we feel waves of change coming in ! Just like the one that is happening now . The Sagittarius sign is directly connected to the most important black whole in our universe which is also a huge vortex that many fear to be near by.

There is a big transformation happening now as we aligned with the Sagittarius sign. With Jupiter as a ruler, we are being shown parallel universes and places we are living in and incarnation is not happening in only one world or universe but in many. Humans have been given the occasion to do things in other planes, always because they are consciousness.

In a Castle / A Prison : an OBE
I have been hanging around parallel worlds during the past two days. One of them was in a planet where I was a young man living in a big castle, but it was more like a prison, that was made of golden stones, but it was in reality a prison.
No one can get out of there.
I realized that there was a time when the beings who were ruling that place are outside the castle and even the planet, and suggested to a close boy friend to leave it with me.

We were very afraid of doing this because of the threat we have been under for eons there. I finally left alone without my friend who was unable to do so.
Once outside of that place, I realized that no one from the beings who are in the castle / prison could reach me or harm me or even catch me and bring me back there !

I was free... I did something incredible during that astral exploration : I freed myself from something that was having power over me, over my current destiny at a multidimensional level.
I understood the meaning of having parallel lives and how it works in matter of timelines.
We have to do some work so that timelines can shift more and become effective in our current incarnation on earth.
There are no darkness outside but it is somewhere inside ! If one see it, one can clear it up and go on the right path.
I understood that what keeps us from walking our true path is more complex than we would imagine.
A picture of some of my multidimensional Wave Trees and parallel realms they show

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